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Jul 08 2014

Time To Impeach Obama? Not Yet

Governor Sarah Palin came out today to make a great opening argument for Impeachment of President Obama. However, the political repercussions of Impeachment probably would push the decision to Impeach into the next Congress, which will be sworn in January 2015. Palin’s concerns are valid: Because of Obama’s purposeful dereliction of duty an untold number […]

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Sep 26 2010

The Real Tea Party Movement Emerges

I think the Political Industrial Complex on the right is still trying to take control of the Tea Party, and is missing the point of the movement. I have said for a year this is a libertarian movement, not a social conservative movement. And two recent articles make the point quite clearly. First, via RCP, […]

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Sep 14 2010

Dirty Political Tricks, Now Where Have We Seen That Before

As I noted in the comments on another post, the spectacle unfolding in the DE GOP senate primary has become a joke. It seems the Tea Party and Governor Palin are being brought back to Earth in DE. The movement and governor have produced surprising and needed upheaval in the GOP. They did it by […]

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Aug 14 2010

Political Elites Attempt Snubbing The New, All-American Candidates

What makes a good modern day politician? In my mind it is someone who lies really well on camera. Which is probably why Hollywood and Politics get along so well. Acting, after all, is pretending to be someone you are not in a very convincing manner (special effects don’t hurt). Politicians and their handlers try […]

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Feb 08 2010

Obama In Serious Trouble For 2012

I am always amazed out how far some people will go into denial to avoid facing the obvious. Obama’s poll numbers are tanking with the liberal Democrats as their combined failures start to stack up. They are heading for a huge fall blowout, but it is by no means the end of Democrat misery. I […]

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Feb 07 2010

Tea Party Self Destructs With Conservative Fringes

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When the Tea Parties were non political gatherings of Americans challenging the deficit spending, deficit in tax cuts and deficit in respecting the judgement and goodness of Americans to do the right thing I was a big fan. But as the movement gained followers, it also attracted the same political wannabes who have tried to […]

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Nov 02 2009

Palin’s Entry Into VA Elections

OK, I am a huge Palin fan who is stymied as to what this is all about: “Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin calling to urge you to go to the polls Tuesday and vote to share our principles,” the former Alaska governor says in the call, which was provided to CNN by one Democrat […]

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Jul 08 2009

Rumors Of Palin’s Political Demise Are Wrong

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We are 3 years away from the 2012 elections, 3 years of abysmal economic conditions. And this far out, Governor Palin is clearly capable of winning the nomination and the Presidency: Palin’s complaints about unfair treatment by the news media resonate with many respondents. Three-fourths of Republicans, more than half of independents and a third […]

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Jul 03 2009

Forget All The Palin Nonsense – She Running For President

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Final Update: For all those who think a bold move is a handicap, that is why you are in the peanut gallery and Sarah Palin is the talk of the weekend across this nation. I send this especially to some armchair experts in the conservative blogosphere who scratched their heads and claimed Sarah made a […]

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Jun 07 2009

Palin Power Still Very Potent

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Sarah Palin is the probably the best hope for defeating President Obama in 2012. While Obama’s tragic economic missteps are just now beginning to sow the seeds of a voter backlash, Palin is still able to mobilize 20,000 Americans on a sleepy June Saturday in a small town upper New York State. Her speech at […]

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