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May 12 2008

Mahdi Hell In Sadr City

In the post below I noted how the brutal oppression of Sadr City residents, at the hands of the Iranian trained and armed Mahdi Army, was eroding any and all popular support for the Sadrists who are the ones providing political cover for the human atrocities. A recent ‘news’ article catalogues the Islamo Fascist hell […]

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May 12 2008

Truce Or No Truce With Sadrists In Iraq?

Bumped to Top – Major Update: It would seem Sadr is not willing to go for a real suspension of the fighting, signing up to only a 4 day “truce”: Representatives of the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr and lawmakers from Iraq’s main Shiite political bloc signed a four-day cease-fire Monday in an effort to end […]

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May 12 2008

OK, I’m Convinced Obama Is The Next Dukakis

I had not really seen any connection between Sen Obama’s campaign and the disastrous campaign of Governor Michael Dukakis against George Bush Sr in 1988. But that was up until I read Susan Estrich try and make the case Obama is not another Dukakis. Tried and failed, that is. By the time I got through […]

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