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Jan 28 2009

The Crime Of Unintended Consequences

  Unintended consequences. Sometimes these are accidental benefits, serendipities. In these cases the lack of forethought preceding the result is forgiven with humble amazement of the thing called ‘luck’. But when the results are disastrous, then the question becomes could someone reasonably have foreseen the potential for disaster and stopped it. So let me remove all […]

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Jul 23 2005

GITMO Payback

Blackfive has some observations about how the democrats myopic attacks on GITMO will probably have repercussions for years to come. You don’t go around making unsubstantiated attacks on our fighting men and women when they are the ones putting their lives on the line. think the storm is still gathering on this and still hasn’t […]

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Jul 10 2005

Iraq, Al Quaeda and WMDs

The liberals fantasy that Iraq and Al Quaeda were never connected so that there was no way WMD know-how could get into terrorists hands is being destroyed. First Christopher Hitchens rips Ronnie-boy Reagan for being niave and ignorant all at once (hat tip Hugh Hewitt) and now Stephen Hayes comes out with more details from […]

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Jun 26 2005

John Cole Missing the Point

OK, uppity new bloggers like myself should probably tread gently when questioning the more revered conservative voices. But, unfortunately for me, that is not in my character. Viking Pundit has a post questioning John Cole’s recent attempt to defend Durbin from the worst of his well deserved criticism. Viking is quite mild in his comment. […]

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Jun 22 2005

Durbin and Dean: Manna from Heavan

I meant to go slogging through the democrat sites to get their reactions to Durbin’s capitulation (to polls and Daley, not to the truth or honor of our military), but Jawa Report had already done some posting on the response. So in I went. I am beginning to really wonder whose side is Durbin and […]

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Jun 22 2005

The GITMO Chronicles

In my desire to try and do something about the outrageous and false claims made on GITMO and the men and women working there I decided one thing I could do is pull together all the interviews (pro and con) from people stationed at GITMO. I have included interviews from detainees who were positive in […]

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Jun 22 2005

GITMO Interrogator Speaks

Hat Tip to Jawa Report on this find. But a huge thank you to Right Thinking Girl for getting this very important interview! I know many people will be linking too it, but I want to help get the word out as much as I can. Most intriguing section to me was this: RTG: Tell […]

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Jun 22 2005

Dems/MSM Continue Durbin’s Slander

What in the world is going on with the liberal democrats and the liberal media? Not 24 hours has transpired since Durbin’s faux apology and they continue to claim there were atrocities at GITMO! Hugh Hewitt has this covered and it is revolting. Please read his posts on the continued bashing of our military with […]

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Jun 21 2005

Durbin Forced To Recant

UPDATE: The more I think about the PR boon Durbin provided our enemies the more I realize I could care less about a 3rd bogus apology. What I want is for the senate democrats to come out en masse and admit Durbin’s comments were inappropriate and probably did more to recruit more terrorists than any […]

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Jun 21 2005

Frist to Durbin: Apologize

In contrast with the absolutely strained rationales supporting Dysmal Durbin’s claims, Bill Frist is calling for Durbin to apologize – for real this time. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist yesterday demanded that Sen. Richard J. Durbin make a “formal apology” on the floor of the Senate for comparing U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay to Nazi […]

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