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May 29 2008

Obama Is About To Get A Hard Wake-Up Call

Obama is thinking about visiting Iraq this summer, the most important place on planet Earth when it comes to America’s recent past, present and future with regards to our national security.   If he goes he is in for a serious wake-up call that will test him as a human being like nothing else has […]

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May 29 2008

The Anchoress Finds The Most Heartwarming Stories

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This one will make you tear up for sure, make sure to check out the pictures.

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May 29 2008

The Frozen Mindset On Global Warming

It is just hilariously ironic that a tour of the Arctic Ice melt, due to Global Warming, is now caught in and ice pack not seen in four years: From the Globe and Mail article: I am on the bridge of the massive Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, and the tension is palpable. We have hit […]

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May 29 2008

Sorry Dems – No Recession, Just Slow Growth

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Life is not working out well for the Democrats who need to sow the seeds of doom and gloom in order to gain or hold power. They need to create the image of a battered and beaten America under Bush before the reality hits Americans that the Dems are the ones battered and beaten – […]

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May 29 2008

May 2008 Could Be The 1st Or 2nd Lowest Month Ever For US Casualties In Iraq

As we sit 3 days away from the end of a very pivotal month, May 2008 is headed towards being the 1st or 2nd lowest month for US deaths in Iraq for the entire 5+ years of the war. The downward trend in violence that has been seen since last August, when The Surge and […]

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May 29 2008

Mookie Sadr Clearly Surrendered To Maliki, Sued For Peace, Left His Mahdi Forces To Be Disbanded, Rounded Up

What is totally laughable about the events in Iraq over the last few weeks is this lowly blogger, working another day job while living in Northern Virginia outside DC, and by simply reading articles and reports available over the internet, was able to get a better handle on what was transpiring in Iraq than the […]

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