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Nov 08 2016

The Left’s Pathetic “Ground Game” Grasping

Update: This is how you fool the dupes – just dangle some graphs in front of them which ignore the 62% of the voters and focus in on 9% contacted (but are the Clinton votes?) to find redemption! Note they failed to mention that 62% who got out on their own on … Hot Air??? […]

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Nov 06 2006

Democrats Stare Into The Abyss…

Via Powerline: Ken Mehlman adds another poll to the mounting good news for Republicans: the Democracy Corps poll, a Democratic outfit, finds the Dems with only a four-point edge on the generic preference ballot, 49%-45%, with the Republicans closing fast. Generic polls are, of course, of limited importance, but together with other data the evidence […]

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Sep 29 2006

Why Does Al Qaeda Sound Like The DNC?

Al Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has come out with a taped message for the world and America (just in time for our upcoming elections) which sounds just like DNC talking points: “Can’t you [Bush] be honest at least once in your life, and admit that you are a deceitful liar who intentionally deceived […]

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Sep 28 2006

Lieberman Still Trouncing Lamont

In case anyone cares anymore, Lieberman is still trouncing anti-war candidate Ned Lamont by 10 points, 49-39. In a three way race that is pretty bad news for Lamont. Here is the Quinnipiac poll page for CT. The details are staggering: In this latest survey, Lieberman leads Lamont 69 – 15 percent among likely Republican […]

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Sep 07 2006

Joe Lieberman Trouncing Lamont

As I predicted many times before (here and here and here and here), some of the polls coming out after the CT primary were a bit too optimistic. Now another Poll confirms the initial Qinnipiac numbers (and my analysis of the other polls) to show Joe Lieberman trouncing Ned “Runaway” Lamont: Lieberman leads on the […]

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Sep 01 2006

Lamont Goes Nutroots

Look who Ned Lamont hired to be his message handler. I’ll let the Reps and Lieberman mine this treasure trove of BDS to taint Lamont and the Dems with. Too easy. My take: Sirota whines and cries everytime someone challenges his world view, then throws a fit and calls them names. I am sure that […]

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Aug 28 2006

Leiberman Up 10 Points, Nears 50%

As I posted before I think Leiberman is staying well ahead of Lamont (see here and here). The latest poll out is from WSJ-Zogby (which I detest as a poll) shows Leiberman ahead by ten points at 49.4-39.4% (2.1% for Schlessinger). This is consistent with the other polls out so far and show a very […]

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Aug 23 2006

Lamont’s Hard Math

In a previous post I noted that the recent ARG poll (and the similar Rassmussen poll) showing a tight race between Lieberman and Lamont was actually not that close. I had intended to demonstrate the challenge for Lamont with some basic mathematics, but never found the time. Well, now I have the time – and […]

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Aug 22 2006

Leiberman Still Ahead In CT

Updates Below – added Rasmussen poll A new ARG poll has some interesting numbers when compared to the Qinnipiac poll which came out last week. First off, the ARG poll theoretically shows a tight race: Among likely voters in November, 44% say they would vote for Lieberman, 42% say they would vote for Lamont, 3% […]

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Aug 18 2006

Polls Verses Ballots

I am still chuckling over all the fantasies being generated by the left regarding the latest Qinnipiac Poll showing Lieberman clobbering Lamont 53 to 41 among likely voters (previous post here). They have truly come with some amazing ideas on how Lamont is actually winning! The most hillarious claims are the huge gains in Democrat […]

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