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Sep 22 2009

When Do We Use Water Boarding On Najibullah Zazi?

Major Update 8:15 AM, 9/23/09: Damn, I was hoping I might not be right on the multiple, independent cell strategy I outlines below, and why it will take time to actually stop all the attackers. But some news out today confirms my fears: The investigation indicated that three distinct teams of men may have been […]

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Feb 08 2009

Team Obama Broadcasts Intelligence Plans To Terrorists!

Is there no end to the stupidity the new administration will demonstrate to the world? One thing no one would argue is that President George W Bush kept this country safe. And his team did so by quietly – well outside the limelight – chasing down our enemies and disrupting their plans. He did this […]

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Nov 26 2008

NY City Transit Under Threat

Some interesting news out today about an intercepted discussion amongst al-Qaeda regarding a Madrid-like coordinated attack on the train system in or around NY City: An internal memo obtained by The Associated Press says the FBI has received a “plausible but unsubstantiated” report that al-Qaida terrorists in late September may have discussed attacking the subway […]

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Nov 23 2008

Got Us A Big Name Terrorist In Pakistan!

In these last days of the Bush presidency it is no surprise President Bush is going all out to kill as many known, high valued terrorists as he can before the pacifist Dems take control. The good news is the efforts are paying off as the US is now launching regular attacks on terrorist hideouts […]

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Dec 23 2007

Is UK Airline Terrorist Suspect Rauf Vacationing At GITMO?

The news of the ridiculously simple escape by a terrorist suspect in Pakistan struck me as very bizarre in every detail, as I noted in my first post. I tend to not want to speculate too much because some possible scenarios have interesting potential for our side. But reporting in the UK Times today does […]

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Dec 20 2007

Pakistan Police Helped Terror Bomber Escape

One of the key planners behind a plot to load bombs on up to 12 commercial airliners heading from Europe to the US, and exploding them over the US so they could rain down death and destruction on our cities, recently escaped Pakistan authorities. Now we learn he escaped with the help of Police who […]

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Dec 16 2007

Deadly Terrorists Escapes In Pakistan, Musharraf Admits Bin Laden Could Be In Country

Will this country go into 2008 with a future bright and hopeful (compared to the endless doom and gloom, and false charges of conspiracy the come from the leftward Media)? Who knows. Some very disturbing news is out of Pakistan this morning. It seems one of the key masterminds in the UK airline plot to […]

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Aug 07 2007

The Chilling Airplane Plot Of ’06

I was flying when the London plot to use gels or liquids to destroy airlines became public last year. I am flying again today, so the details coming out about last summer’s threat strikes very close to home: Terrorists who had planned to detonate gel-based explosives on U.S.-bound flights from London last August would have […]

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Nov 02 2006

Target USA – UK Bomb Plot Was On Cities

I had suspected that the UK Bomb Plot that was thwarted in August (thanks to the NSA and CIA and the Treasury’s SWIFT program no doubt) was probably going to be timed to do the most damage by exploding over US cities. It seems I was correct: A group of alleged terrorists arrested in London […]

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Sep 30 2006

US Drove Effort To Round Up UK Bomb Plotters

It seems US intelligence was the driving force to roll up the UK bomb plotters this summer and threatened to take actions themselves if the UK and Pakistan did not move to stop the terrorist cells’ efforts: The US warned Britain that it was prepared to seize the key suspect in the UK’s biggest ever […]

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