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Apr 04 2011

Ryan’s Budget Plan Will Carry The Day – Democrat Cries Of ‘Imperfection” Will Fail

The GOP finally got smart and let one of its young guns lose as Field General in the all important budget debate. It has become quite clear to America that the economy will never right itself while DC spends massively more than it has AND continues to insert lame public solutions where private industry solutions […]

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Sep 30 2010

Democrats Try To Sling Mud – Hit Themselves

That Meg Whitman maid thing – it ain’t going to work. Everyone knows ‘illegal’ immigrants lie to work here in the US. Everyone knows the person who broke the law and her word was not Meg Whitman. And the party that defends illegal immigrants and tries to give them blanket and full amnesty is the […]

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Aug 29 2010

Liberals Are Off Track Again

Update: My favorite Palin line was this: “I must assume that you too know that we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want. We must restore America and restore her honor!” That will be the rallying cry for this fall. How any moron on the left could criticize Palin as she recounted the […]

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May 25 2010

Insipid Arrogance Abounds In Today’s Politics

It has become very tough to blog these last few weeks as two forces of arrogance collide in our political national theatre. The one which is most troubling is the group who which has to be deemed as the better of two lousy choices. This group is the far right. You can identify them as […]

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May 13 2010

The Economic Carnage Of Rampant Liberalism Continues

Two forces in America are heading for a showdown this fall. The first is rampant liberalism that is bankrupting generations of Americans into the future. Through wild and risky schemes, honed from TV-land like thinking about the wonders of Big Brother Government, liberals have put in place a rolling disaster. Just take the April deficit […]

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Jan 27 2010

Democrats Are Beyond The Precipice

Tonight will be interesting to watch, to see if the great communicator can snow America’s centrist voters into drinking the Kool-Aid one more time with charades and misrepresented ‘nice talk’. The stakes are huge, as this new NPR poll illustrate clearly: The poll holds plenty of danger signs for the Democrats. In one indicator studied […]

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Jan 27 2010

The DC Insanity Takes Hold Of The President

They claim there is something in the water here in DC, has been for decades. Something that turns normal, well meaning human beings into arrogant idiots (a nasty combination if there ever was one). It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to a lot them. The Watergate idiocy, Clinton’s intern problem, congressional bribes and […]

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Jan 18 2010

Liberal Dem Reaction To MA, NJ & VA Exposes Their Achilles’ Heel

I get a lot of grief from my friends on the right when I remind them that you cannot insult the centrists and expect to win governing majorities to enact policy. When policies ideas hit The People’s House they become moderated – it is a feature of this great nation. People with hardened or extreme […]

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Oct 28 2009

GOP Crush In VA, Dems Way Off Track

This fall’s elections in VA, NJ and NY-23 are turning out to be really bad for the Democrats. In NJ and NY-23 there are two candidates opposing the Democrats, yet the combined anti-Democrat vote is not in doubt. And it is not pretty. This is not a surprising response from the nation’s electorate given the liberal […]

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Sep 09 2009

Liberals Fascism On The Rise

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Updates Below Well, it looks like the fascists (not just the communists/marxists like Van Jones) are starting to come out of the liberal closet: Watching both the health care and climate/energy debates in Congress, it is hard not to draw the following conclusion: There is only one thing worse than one-party autocracy, and that is […]

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