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Nov 30 2007

November Progress In Iraq Confirmed

As expected the US death toll in Iraq is continuing its downward trend in November. We are on the verge of now 6 straight months declining violence in Iraq: he number of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq this month is headed toward the lowest monthly level since March 2006, reflecting a turnaround in U.S. efforts […]

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Nov 29 2007

CNN Was Not Duped, These Debates Are Staged Shows

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Is anyone still so naive to still believe CNN is a ‘news’ network? They are a business built and staffed by liberals. They don’t care about fair and balanced, they want paychecks. Big fat paychecks. I said this when Hillary had her people push questions at her public events, but I will say it again: […]

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Nov 28 2007

Another Month Of Declining Violence In Iraq

There are only two days left in the month of November and anything can happen in two days. But some preliminary numbers I am seeing show the level of violence is going to show another drop in November from the previous month, continuing a major downward trend from the January-February period this month. Getting consistent […]

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Nov 28 2007

Saudis Take A Huge Bite Out Of al-Qaeda

Seems more and more people are turning on al-Qaeda because they keep getting captured in ever increasing numbers in all sorts of places. They seemed to be routed in Iraq, apparently also in Algeria, they have been pounded in Lebanon and are under pressure in Yemen. Pakistan is on the march against them and now […]

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Nov 28 2007

Progress In Iraq Keeps Coming

The good news keeps coming out of Iraq. First up – the US has been able to hand over responsibility for most security operations to the ever expanding and capable Iraqi forces: Officials said the Iraq Army have been taking the lead in a majority of counter-insurgency and other operations in most provinces around the […]

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Nov 28 2007

Islam Starves Pregnant Women?

The problem with Islamo Fascists is their warped belief only brutality impresses people. It is a classic signature of extreme insecurity, so it is doubly confounding to most people who are reasonably confident and not spooked to violence by the smallest things. For example, what is so impressive about starving pregnant women as a way […]

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Nov 28 2007

VA GOP Is Out Of Control

Either I vote my conscience in the 2008 Presidential election or I don’t vote in the 2008 GOP primary – that is apparently my choice. If you’re planning to vote in Virginia’s February Republican presidential primary, be prepared to sign an oath swearing your Republican loyalty. The State Board of Elections on Monday approved a […]

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Nov 28 2007

India Disses UN’s Global Warming Lunacy

To address humanity’s effect on CO2 levels one needs to focus its efforts on India and China since they host nearly half the world’s population. It doesn’t matter how Green Canada gets, they don’t have the population numbers to make a dent if India and China continue to spew CO2. But now we have India’s […]

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Nov 28 2007

America More Bullish (And Optimistic) On Iraq

So, forget the idiotic question that goes something like “do you want the American troops out of Iraq as soon as possible” because it is a senseless question just about everyone (me included) would support if they did not assume any hidden meanings. But outside that question a new Pew Poll show a stunning turn […]

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Nov 28 2007

Iraq Reconciliation Progressing

For those terminal defeatists (which should just admit their own defeat instead of everyone else’s) the signs of Iraqi reconciliation progressing must be maddening. I wonder how it feels to see news like this and grasp for a grey cloud from all the silver lining: Leading Shiite cleric in Iraq Ali Sistani Tuesday banned the […]

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