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May 04 2008

Another Claim Of Global Warming Damage – Strangely Without The Global Warming!

The hysterics coming from the Church of IPCC-Gore is nothing but comical these days. As we experience a decade of zero warming and mild cooling, the alarmists who want to promote what is now a defunct religion (since we now must take on faith what science is now showing and predicting will not happen for […]

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May 04 2008

Last Efforts To Stop A Military Confrontation Between US And Iran

As the Iraqis and US have been purging southern Iraq of Shiite Cleric Moqtdata al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army forces more and more evidence on the role Iran has played in training and arming (and possibly leading) the Mahdi has brought the US and Iran to heads like never before. That is because Sadr and his Mahdi […]

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