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May 21 2008

Cleansing Mosul Of al-Qaeda

al-Qaeda, like all Islamo Fascist groups, exist by the jackboot and violence.  In Iraq al-Qaeda’s last bastion in Mosul is being purged by Iraqi and US forces, and the effort is producing stunning results: Major-General Mark Hertling, the commander of U.S. forces in northern Iraq, said U.S. and Iraqi troops had inflicted serious damage on […]

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May 21 2008

Now Come The Horror Stories Of Mahdi Army Atrocities

There are some very naive and delusional liberals who still think the Iraq government victory over the Mahdi Army criminals is actually a victory for Sadr and his Sadrists movement.  But they are simply grasping at straws so they do not have to face how pathetically wrong they have been on the Maliki action itself, […]

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May 21 2008

Sorry For The Site Problems

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We seem to be experiencing some problems with the site which we hope to get resolved soon.  I tried to open the site for new readers to comment and that seems to have opened us up to a virus.  Please be patient and keep trying!

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May 21 2008

Obama Can’t Win For Losing

Seems the Dems still have their tie going on given how the two candidates clobbered each other in different states yesterday (see here for the results and vote tallies to date).  Clinton’s 35% and 250,000 vote win in KY was a route, a complete repudiation of Obama – again.   It happened in West Virginia, and it […]

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