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Aug 07 2008

UK Government Source Exposes How Litvinenko Assassination Theory Is Based On False Science

Yep, time again to reopen the Litvinenko file and once more prove that the UK’s theory Alexander Litvinenko died of an assassination attempt is scientifically implausible at best (if not impossible). All my posts on the Litvinenko case can be found here and are quite extensive. Anyone truly interested in the matter would best review […]

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Mar 19 2008

Litvinenko And Pollonium Resurfaces, Was This WMD Smuggling?

Important Update Below I have posted extensively on the Litvinenko case of Polonium-210 poisoning ever since the case broke. I and a few other folks have resisted the flimsy stories laid in the UK and US media surrounding the news that a highly valuable and dangerous radioactive elements surfaced all over London. To me the […]

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Sep 18 2007

Making Russian Lemonade From A Lemon

I, like everyone else I would guess, just cannot buy the story that has settled down as conventional wisdom surrounding the movement of Polonium-210 through London now nearly a year ago, and the brutal death of Alexander Litvinenko from Po-210 poisoning. The ‘facts’ never line up with the story in a nice, neat and common […]

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Sep 01 2007

Berezovsky And The Polonium-210 Trail Timeline

I have been reviewing the latest media comments by Dmitri Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi (see here for a long post on his comments) the latter of which is the UK’s prime suspect in Alexander Litvinenko’s death. I also reviewed the testimony of Ahmed Zakayev, the Chechen rebel leader in exile who was working with Litvineno […]

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Aug 30 2007

Berezovsky Blows The Litvinenko Cover Story

Yes, still harping on the Litvinenko story. I found portions of the Berezovsky interview with Russian and UK authorities in London and noticed he screwed up the cover story. Remember this is supposedly NOT a smuggling ring exposed by an accidental exposure to one of its members. It was a stealth assassination hit meant to […]

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Aug 30 2007

The Litvinenko Teapot & Cup

Sorry for obsessing on Litvinenko, but I wanted to resurrect one important point from the bowels of the massive post I wrote late last night. In that post Lugovoi reiterates a point I made – much of the Po-210 evidence was found a month after Lugovoi and Kovtun left London and cannot be deterministically tied […]

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Aug 30 2007

More Contradictions In The Litvinenko Timeline, More Holes In UK Theory

Note, this turned into a really long post full of details once I found the transcript of the interview Kovtun and Lugovoi gave to the British media. All I can say is there are lots and lots of holes now appearing in the UK theories. I suspected we might get more information on some of […]

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Aug 29 2007

Ahmed Zakayev Testimony Destroys Litvinenko Timeline

I ran across a transcript of Ahmed Zakayev’s testimony to UK authorities during the time earlier this year when Russian investigators went to London to interview people, under UK authority supervision, regarding the death of Litvinenko. Zakayev is a Chechen rebel in exile and lives across the street from the Litvinenko house at the time […]

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Aug 29 2007

Litvinenko Incident Clear As Mud

The truth about what happened to Alexander Litvinenko has become clear as mud. The joint, timed media shows that Berezovsky and the UK authorities were performing (i.e., the mysterious Russian assassin the UK detected, detained, and then released back to Russia and never told Russia about) have now moved to Russia. Recently the Russian authorities […]

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Aug 28 2007

The Oligarchs’ Attempted Coup

In an update to the post I did yesterday (I think – now heading into my second week on the road) regarding the murder of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya I find it quite interesting that her editor is in complete concurrence with authorities. And that is to say he agrees her murder is – as […]

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