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May 30 2013

IRS Will Be Factor In 2014 Elections

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I cannot recall the last time I saw poll numbers like this: Three-quarters of U.S. voters want a special prosecutor to investigate the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups, according to a poll that showed a drop in President Barack Obama’s approval and trust ratings. In the survey released today by Hamden, Connecticut-based […]

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May 30 2013

Virginia Is For [GOP] Losers

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I am a Virginian through and through, but… It is hard to believe Virginia was the heart and soul of America when it was formed. Most of the first 10 Presidents hail from the Old Dominion. The US Bill of Rights was derived from the Virginia version, at times almost verbatim. Virginians helped explore this […]

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May 24 2013

The Fall Of The Church Of Big Government

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We are seeing all around us the signs of a collapse. Not just economic collapse, social collapse or imperial collapse. What we are seeing is the collapse of the myth surrounding the all powerful, all knowing, all pure, Big-Government! Just look at how the Obama Administration’s second term has collapsed and is now impotent. We […]

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May 19 2013

IRS Needs To Be Held To Same Standards As Tax Payers – No Excuses!

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I found the commentary by Rep Mike Kelly against the IRS targeting of conservative 501(c)4 organizations to be one of the few laudatory political statements I have heard in over a decade. We had amazing political statements post 9-11 from both sides of the aisle, when the nation rallied against a murderous and vile enemy. […]

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May 16 2013

Arctic Warming Could Be Caused By Seismic Activity, Including Earthquakes & Volcanoes Along Ocean Bottom

A long, long time ago I postulated that “Global Warming” is more likely due to dynamics in the Earth’s crust than human produced CO2. One of my first posts on the matter was in reference to a large undersea volcanic explosion under the Arctic Ice Cap at the bottom of the Arctic Sea.  Many people […]

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May 15 2013

Obama/Holder Bit By The Bush-FISA Fiasco

I have to laugh that Obama & Holder both just got nailed for snooping on the News Media by the very same conspiracy crap the liberal left tried to nail President George W Bush on! Back in Bush’s first term, the NY Times tried to concoct a scandal for George W Bush on the FISA […]

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May 13 2013

Using The IRS Against Political Opponents

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I almost wrote the title of this post as “Using The IRS Against Political Enemies“, but realized using the word ‘enemies’ would only give credence to the paranoid and power hungry delusions of Team Obama. The victims here are simply American citizens participating in our political process. One theory is Team Obama is trying to […]

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May 10 2013

The Benghazi Smoking Gun

When four people are horribly murdered, it is incumbent upon society to resolve why, and bring those to justice who were at fault. It does not matter if those at fault pulled the trigger, or where simply responsible to protect the dead and were derelict in their duty (which some are paid huge sums of […]

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May 07 2013

Immediate Action Could Have Saved American Lives In Benghazi

Some of the dumbest excuses I have heard about what went wrong in Benghazi was help could not make it in time to save our 4 brave Americans under attack. That is pure BS. We are  talking a battle that raged for hours and moved from one location to another. We are talking about tee-shirt […]

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May 05 2013

Why The Benahzi Coverup? What Caused Obama Administration To Panic?

Final, Final Update: Hillary is now deep in the middle of this scandal. One of the biggest scandals in recent memory, since neither Watergate nor Monica-gate included 4 dead Americans. Final Update: While there are many important updates at the end, I did not want this one to get lost: We know that the State […]

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