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Nov 29 2011

A Plea To Herman Cain

I have one request of you Mr. Cain as you consider your campaign – don’t let the bastards win like this. Yes, this crap is getting old and is more painful to your family than expected. Whatever the details of the last charges it is the worst reason to leave the race. Many of us […]

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Nov 29 2011

Cain Has Target On His Back – And Probably Voters By His Side

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We are witnessing the character lynching of Herman Cain by CNN and others in the Political Industrial Complex (Pols, Lobbyists, Special Interests, Media, etc). Cain is an American success story, a man from a lower middle class, hard working family whose ancestors were once slaves. He rose to the pinnacle of the business world and […]

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Nov 27 2011

Climategate II More Devastating Than Climategate I

Updates at end Climategate 1 hit two years ago with the release of damning emails and documentation that exposed really shoddy code and unmaintained data, not to mention the efforts by alarmists to hide their own data that completely destroyed their own claims of man-made, CO2-driven, warming. The most damning of these was the ‘hide […]

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Nov 24 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving America! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving

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Nov 23 2011

Thoughts On Latest GOP Debate

It seems we have settled into a routine for the 2012 election cycle. Romney keeps limping along, Newt drops little logic bombs here and ther, Cain provides vague (but not wrong) answers that do provide reasonable broad goals, and Perry is Perry (which means nothing is changing). I still think the race is down to […]

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Nov 22 2011

Phil Jones: FOIA Dodger & Serial Deleter

[Make sure to checkout the link behind the image above for the back story here] Phil Jones of CRU is one cocky SOB. He freely admits to avoiding FOIA request by deleting emails in at least one email just released in Climategate II. In email <0021>, which is a response from one Manola Brunet to […]

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Nov 22 2011

Phil Jones of CRU/IPCC: Only 20% World Is Warming?

¬†As noted earlier we have another round of Cimategate emails (though not so useful documents) out this fall – just in time to consume my Thanksgiving weekend. I just ran across one that has a very interesting (if unclear) statement by one Phil Jones. It is in email file <0031> dated March 2003, and is […]

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Nov 22 2011

Climategate 2011

Looks like another massive number of emails have been dumped on the internet with some truly amazing snapshots of alarmists plotting their science spin to garner access to trillions of dollars. Amazing to see the greed and egos spewing from some of the comments. Reader Archtop provided me this link to Air Vent with a […]

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Nov 22 2011

Super Committee Provides Cain An Opening

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The incompetents in Congress have just handed the Herman Cain campaign a major life line. By demonstrating one more time why big-government is today dysfunctional on a historic scale, the Super Committee (of Super duds) has reminded the voters why we don’t need yet another career politician in the White House. Here is what I […]

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Nov 21 2011

BEST’s Lead PhD Confirms AJStrata’s Global Warming Myth Busting

In June of 2010 I posted on a simple experiment I did that indicated to me there was clearly no way any sub-degree global warming could be detected from surface temp records – even from modern surface temperature records. The back of the envelope calculation I did was quite simple. I sampled one day of […]

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