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Aug 29 2013

What Does Egypt’s Unrest Signal?

Before I address  the issues in Syria and America’s foolish war drums, I want to focus back on the spark that started much of the unrest and turmoil in the Arab/Muslim world: Egypt. The turmoil in Egypt has been intriguing me for some time, mainly because it looks a lot like the pivotal event many […]

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May 18 2008

Updates On The War In Iraq 05_18_08

On this 3rd anniversary of the Strata-Sphere we have mostly good news out there on the war on terror.   First off, the truce between Iraq and the Sadrist’s Mahdi Army seems to be holding (which means those citizens under the shadow of the Mahdi are getting a taste of life without Jihad): Iraqi army […]

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Apr 23 2008

CIA Confirms Syrian-Korean Nuclear Plant Was Destroyed By Israel Last Fall

This is a stunning confirmation from the CIA regarding the threat to the US forces and its allies in the Middle East from a nuclear capability inside Sryia: CIA officials will tell Congress on Thursday that North Korea had been helping Syria build a plutonium-based nuclear reactor, a U.S. official said, a disclosure that could […]

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Apr 18 2008

Watch For An Election Year Signal From Radical Islamists To Force A Surrendercrat World Disaster

After almost 7 years of war in the heart of Islam, since the attacks of 9-11 on America, America is now in the process of choosing its next President. Because the choices are stark and offer huge headaches or huge opportunities to the terrorists, the Islamo Fascists will want to send a clear signal to […]

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Apr 08 2008

Syria Home Of Saddam’s WMDs?

The blogosphere is humming with anticipation that an upcoming US-Israeli report on the Israeli attack on a Syrian nuclear weapons facility is tied to the fact Saddam moved his WMDs to Syria (a sister Baathist regime) prior to the US invasion: An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian […]

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Apr 03 2008

Yep, That Was A Nuclear Weapons Plant In Syria Israel Destroyed

Well it seems the axis of evil (Syria, Iran and North Korea) are much more dangerous than the left wing in this country wants to admit. Case in point there was a illegal and secret Syrian nuclear facility in the desert destroyed by Israel last fall: Israel has admitted for the first time that an […]

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Mar 25 2008

Bin Laden’s Latest Rant

It is worth reading and pondering Bin Laden’s words to understand where we are at in the war on terror. Don’t expect the lazy SurrenderMedia to do the work it takes to actually comprehend a story or issue – they don’t have the intellectual curiosity to delve into things deeply. Heck, they snatch one line […]

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Mar 22 2008

Update On Syria’s Nuclear Weapons Site

Seems that facility Israel bombed was a nuclear weapons facility and likely involved support form North Korea: For many months, Bush administration officials have been imagining a valedictory conclusion to their long-running negotiations with North Korea: Pyongyang would make a “complete and correct declaration” about its nuclear program, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would […]

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Mar 07 2008

Ships Stopping In Syria Seen As Possible Threat

Something is brewing with regards to Syria. There has been increased pressure and sanctions on that country in recent weeks, and now ships from or transiting through Syria are on a watch list when coming to the US: uthorities fearing alleged Syrian links with terrorism are increasing security for ships sailing into US ports after […]

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Feb 21 2008

Cousin To Syrian President Assad In US Cross Hairs

I tripped across this news that one day after the assassination of Hezbollah leader Mughniyeh in Damascus President Bush signed an order freezing the assets of Assad cousin and leading Syrian businessman Rami Makhluf. The Treasury Department said the sanctions would be imposed on Rami Makhluf, who was identified as a prominent Syrian businessman and […]

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