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Feb 29 2012

Stuck With Mitt – For Now

Mitt Romney pulled out a weak win in Michigan last night. So that means we are stuck with him as the GOP candidate against Obama. I don’t need to emphasize how underwhelmed I am. I was happier with the McCain selection in 2008 – and I was not thrilled then either. Mitt has no more […]

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Feb 28 2012

The GOP Machine & Whiney Romney

My level of disgust with this year’s GOP primary seems to have no bounds. Today Romney is whining about a Santorum ad asking union  workers in Michigan to vote against Romney (or for Santorum). His elitist-ness is crying low blow: “It’s a dirty trick,” he said on Fox News’ Fox & Friends. “It’s outrageous to see […]

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Feb 26 2012

This Week History Turns Down A Path

It is obvious to note that in 2008 the country turned down the wrong path by handing the reigns of government over to a bunch of incompetent liberals. Since that election cycle this nation’s economy has been crippled, the Democrat led US Senate has blocked congressional budgets for years on end going back to the […]

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Feb 23 2012

Finally, The Last Debate

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All in all I think the large number of debates for the GOP primary was a good – if not torturous – exercise in democracy. But now thankfully we have seen the last debate. It was not really extraordinary and each candidate had good and bad moments. I think Romney’s worse moment was on ear […]

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Feb 22 2012

Lying Through Omission

When good liars lie, they do so by only telling half the truth, leaving out that part of the truth they need to hide. One definition of a half-truth is this: A deceptive statement, especially one that is only partly true, is incomplete, (misrepresents reality by telling part of the truth), or alters the time […]

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Feb 21 2012

Heartland ClimateFakeGate Exposes Rot In Alarmists’ Camp

Update: An interesting open letter response in the WSJ nails one of my points below: The continued efforts of the climate establishment to eliminate “extreme views” can acquire a seriously threatening nature when efforts are directed at silencing scientific opposition. In our op-ed we mentioned the campaign circa 2003 to have Dr. Chris de Freitas […]

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Feb 17 2012


OK, the only thing I get out of this story (besides heart burn that my family is going $70K in debt simply because Obama is in office) is to wonder how incompetent you have to be to not control your spending, so you avoid looking to the entire world like you can’t control your spending: […]

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Feb 17 2012

How The GOP Lost Their 2012 Mojo

The problem the GOP has right now in the 2012 election cycle is they ignored the 2010 insurgent voters. These voters would be out doing their Tea Party rallies if they felt someone in government was finally going in the direction these voters want them to go in. But instead of respecting these voters, the […]

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Feb 16 2012

Update To The Geothermal Basis For ENSO

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Many thanks again to Anthony Watts for the opportunity to Guest Post at WUWT. There were a lot of great comments on my hypothesis that geothermal sources where the basis for the ENSO. Many who support the conventional wisdom said there was no proof of connections between ENSO cycles and earthquakes, etc. A valid point […]

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Feb 16 2012

Romney Fading, Santorum Rising, GOP Losing Ground To Obama

Major Update: Rasmussen confirms my Ohio prediction: The new statewide telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary voters shows Santorum picking up 42% of the vote to Romney’s 24%. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich draws 13% support, while Texas Congressman Ron Paul picks up 10%. H/T Ed Morrissey at Hot Air – end update The political […]

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