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Sep 03 2010

Wild Polls, Some Predictions

MA may be ready to turn further right as Duval Patrick’s over GOP contender Baker for Governor is now down to 2% in the latest Rasmussen poll! And what is going on in the NY Senate race? Quinnipiac has a slew of polls out for the Gildabrand race and it shows her now at 43-45%? […]

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Apr 20 2009

Marine Arrested With Bomb Making Materials, Semi-Automatic, Hundreds Of Rounds

As the proud father of a Marine this breaking news is extremely disturbing: A North Carolina-based US Marine was arrested at Logan Airport yesterday after federal transportation screeners discovered an undeclared semiautomatic weapon, ammunition, and bomb-making materials in his checked baggage, authorities said. … TSA screeners in Terminal B at Logan called State Police at […]

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Apr 19 2009

When Extreme Right And Extreme Left Meet

I am proud to host some of the smartest readers here at the Strata-Sphere. They constantly remind this humble centrist American that this country is best run from the  bottom up, and no one voice should override the collective will of the people. One such reader (trust me, most who comment here are in this […]

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Apr 17 2009

Conservatives Fail To Engage Brain Before Emoting On DHS Report

Well, as an ex-conservative I can see I jumped the sinking ship just in time. A key issue with the DHS report (my initial posts here and here) is that it was clearly aimed at potentially violent groups. At the time the DHS report broke and the right went mad, I noted mainstream conservatism is […]

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Apr 15 2009

DHS Lynch Mob Forming, Go Get Them Cons!

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Update: DHS responds, conservatives could care less as they prepare for the lynching: “Let me be very clear: we monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States. We don´t have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown, […]

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Apr 15 2009

What If Rightwing Extremism IS On The Rise?

Important Updates Below One thing my former colleagues in the conservative movement better brace themselves for is the possibility the DHS report may be true, and in fact there are indication rightwing extremism is heating up. One of the things a lot of us heard while debating this subject is that there is a lot […]

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Apr 14 2009

Not A Conservative Anymore

People talk about tipping points. Today I have reached one with regards to the conservative movement and the GOP, due in no small part to the debacle started on the far right blogs regarding the DHS report I posted on earlier. To my chagrin two things happened with this story which ended my desire to be associated […]

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Apr 14 2009

The Threat Of Far Right Extremism – Updated!

Latest Update: Reader Colin from DHS comments below. Key points by which he debunks the entire shrillness emanating from the right today: The report is labeled “Rightwing Extremism”. It should not have been. It should not have been because it is not an accurate statement.  … Now, as I mentioned, this is not the first report of […]

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