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Oct 15 2016

Obamacare’s Death Spiral Begins

While the news media shoot their Big Sleaze Guns in a clearly coordinated attempted to fix the POTUS election for Hillary (think there won’t be multiple opportunities for a massive round of law suites after this debacle???), the big news this year is the collapse of Obamacare and how millions of Americans ARE LOSING their […]

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Jul 23 2012

Fly By: Sorry For No Posts

My apologies to everyone who looks forward to reading my trivial thoughts on the great issues of the day. This has been a brutal week of meetings, a big corporate function, ferrying kids across the state, a family reunion and a bad cold that turned into an infection. I have been operating on the very […]

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May 12 2010

Fly By 05_12_10

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Sorry again for the light posting. One thing I forget is how much work backs up when you are on travel for two weeks! Some interesting tidbits in a basically slow week. Pakistan looks to be close to extraditing a key Taliban warlord to Afghanistan, which could open the door to some major intel: U.S. […]

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May 03 2010

Fly By 05_03_10 – Open Thread

Still on travel, and not much to post about today.  Clearly in the news is the amateurish bomb in NY City and the apparently fake pipe bomb in Pittsburgh. More troublesome, in my mind, is the continued oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I find it hard to believe is there was no fail […]

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Oct 26 2009

Fly By 10_26_09

Sorry for the light posting, having to take care of business issues, thanks to the fact Congress has yet to pass this year’s budget. You would think with wide margins in both houses of congress and the presidency the Democrats could get their work done on time. Anyway, some interesting reading. Rasmussen now shows the […]

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Sep 18 2009

Fly By 09/18/09

Some interesting articles I thought my be of interest. I thought Time Magazine has put out a pretty well balanced review of the current polarizing political environment being driven by the left and right purity wars: Trust is a toxic asset, sitting valueless on the national books. Good faith is trading at pennies on the […]

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Sep 19 2008

Fly By 09_19_08

Wanted to just post a bunch of items I have been holding onto that I find interesting. Sadly for you folks sick of polls it contains a lot of polls. But for the rest of us propeller-heads there is some intetersting data points to ponder. Not to fear though, I am starting of with excerpts […]

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Jul 23 2008

Fly By: Pakistan and Afghanistan Border Region 07_23_08 – Updated

Little time for an in depth discussion on the material I found recently, but I do want to get it out for folks to review. First, there is a conflict brewing between the militant Taliban and the local government and pro-government tribes. The stage is set for a major crackdown by the government as the […]

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Mar 26 2008

Fly By 03_26_08

Lots of work to do today so I’m going with a Fly By of interesting stories across a range of topics this morning. First off is a disturbing tale of potential terror that broke a few years ago across our northern border in Canada: The so-called Toronto-18 is not the first group of suspected terrorists […]

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Mar 10 2008

Fly By On The War On Terror

Meetings again all day so some short links to stories on the war on terror you won’t find on the mainstream news. Saudi Arabia’s top cleric has decreed giving to the ‘evil’ al-Qaeda is not good for Islam: Saudi Arabia’s top religious authority warned Saudis against giving money to charities and organizations financing “evil” groups, […]

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