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Mar 06 2008

Various Updates On The War On Terror

Head down working but wanted to pass some important news articles covering events key events in the war on terror. First off is another confirmation that US and UK forces are planning to expand their special operations activities inside Pakistan, with US forces authorized to fight along side Pakistan forces when dealing with key targets […]

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Oct 12 2007

Remember Mary McCarthy, CIA Leaker?

Remember Mary McCarthy, the CIA employee in the Inspector General’s office who admitted to leaking classified information to the news media – for political purposes no doubt. My posts on the issue are few since the story went into the black hole of classified information. Here they are for reference and a reminder that Ms […]

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Mar 08 2007

One juror favors a pardon…

The Drudge Report has the scoop on this one. The juror is partially right. Libby was caught up in the investigation – and it was an investigation that should have ended long before Libby and Rove were called to the stand. In the end, rather than admit there was nothing and that it had been […]

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Nov 27 2006

NY Times Loses Again

Great news as SCOTUS rejects NY Times efforts to be above the law and force their reporters to start giving up the goods on their sources!

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Aug 24 2006

Why Should America Trust The CIA?

In this interesting American Thinker article Rick Moran (home site here) notes that there is a lack of mutual respect and trust between the policy makers and the administration and the CIA – which has had its wings rightfully clipped for their failures in intel and failure to accept our democratic process. Rick tends to […]

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Aug 23 2006

Classification Of Secrets Useless With Media Leaks

A judge has pushed forward in a landmark case to prosecute people for leaking and publicizing classified national security information. The media and many other people are shocked that we actually try and enforce laws that are intended to keep our most valued secrets to inly those who need to know what is happening because […]

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Aug 13 2006

Chertoff’s Swipe At The Media

David Gregory sat in for Russert on MTP and asked Homeland Security head Chertoff a question about the coordinated efforts between the US and UK. Chertoff’s response was the ability to foil the attacks was due to trust and respect between the US an dUK intelligence agencies. Chertoff noted that the information was shared openly […]

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Aug 11 2006

Airline Plot Was Recently Uncovered By Financial Transactions

I know many UK and US administration officials have been noting that this group of people had been under surveillance for some time, but it is also clear the actual plans this group had only recently came to light. What is also clear is we could have missed this attack if they terrorists paid more […]

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Aug 03 2006

Sydney Blumenthal Leaks Classified NSA Information

Why would Sydney Blumenthal risk everything to publicize the fact he has been leaked – and is publicizing – classified information? The leftwing, anti-Israel sites are lapping this up. But my guess is Sydney just won himself an invite to a Grand Jury looking into leaks at the NSA: A report by columnist Sidney Blumenthal […]

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Jul 28 2006

Tice Is A Wannabe

Russel Tice has nothing to do with the NSA leaks, he admitted that himself. He has used the NSA leak story as a way to publicize is his dismissal for stalking and abusive behavior aimed at an Asian-descent coworker whom he seems to have become obsessed (infatuated?) with even though investigations showed the woman not […]

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