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May 28 2008

More Success Stories On The War On Terror

Hope and success is breaking out everywhere these days – I can’t keep up with the stories! So here are some hopeful readings for war-weary Americans who can see the light of victory at the end of the tunnel. First off is this article from a CSM reporter who is back in Iraq after a […]

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May 28 2008

Liberals Are Always The Last To Know

I predicted many times that liberals and their liberal SurrenderMedia would be the last to realize America won in Iraq and dealt a heavy blow to al-Qaeda, destroying its credibility and support on the Muslim Street. Now there are clear signs in the dark side of the blogosphere, inhabited by Islamo Fascist creatures, were more […]

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May 28 2008

Face Reality America, Liberal Democrats Want High Energy Costs

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It seems speaking truth to power is all the rage these days so let me speak some truth to power – liberal democrat power. The fact is the democrats have been lying to the American people. No, not just their lying about the Iraq war so they could get control of Congress (which proves my […]

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