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Apr 30 2008

Michelle Obama On AC360 – Live Blogging

I am ‘live blogging’ the Michelle Obama interview on Anderson Cooper 360 in anticipation some major news may break as Michelle stands by her man and takes on Rev Wright. So here we go! 10:02 PM Eastern: Michelle is introduced as a ‘steely’ woman – which implies some sparks are going to fly. First some […]

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Apr 30 2008

Classic Misdirection-Denial From Clinton Camp On Rev Wright Appearances

OK, it has been reported all week that the person who coordinated and oversaw Rev Wright’s appearance at NPC was Clinton supporter Dr Barbara Reynolds. So what has the Clinton campaigned denied today regarding Rev Wright’s media spectacle? They denied they were supporter Dr Reynolds: Tommy Christopher: I need to confirm that no-one connected with […]

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Apr 30 2008

Wright’s Damage To Obama Is Brutal And Swift

The polls are showing that Obama is taking on damage in reaction to the Rev Wright’s media spectacle Monday: early half of Democrats (48 percent) think Hillary Clinton has a better chance of beating John McCain in November — 10 percentage points higher than the 38 percent who think Barack Obama can win, according to […]

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Apr 30 2008

Michelle Obama To Take On Wright Tonight

This is one interview I will not be missing – Michelle Obama will be on Anderson Cooper’s 360° tonight to address the Judas Wright: Hey Bloggers, Just wanted to let you guys know about our program tonight: AC360° will have the first primetime sit-down interview with Michelle Obama, wife of Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama. […]

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Apr 30 2008

Why The Silence From Reynolds And Clinton Regarding Wright?

Major Update Below – bumped to the top I posted yesterday on the strange coincidences surrounding Jeremiah Wright’s gleeful torpedoing of Obama in a series of public forums which culminated in Obama having to schedule a news conference in order to stem the damage being done to his campaign. I noted the fact that the […]

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Apr 30 2008

Updates On The War On Terror 04_30_08

With the Jeremiah Wright flack running heavy I did not post any news stories of interest from the war on terror – so today’s update has a lot of articles. I am going to start with a very unique article from UPI which discusses new calm in Sadr City – which we all know has […]

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Apr 29 2008

Clinton To Testify In FEC Fraud Case – After The Election

This is truly a really bad week for the dems. Maybe this is why Clinton needed Rev Wright to go on a media tour and suck all the news media away from her own horror story: In the landmark civil fraud case against Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, where the former President is charged with […]

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Apr 29 2008

Et tu, Jeremiah?

I rarely find anything to agree with Bob Herbert on – he is so liberal I sometimes think we live on different planets. But today Herbert seems to be right on the mark as he exposes the dirty little secret about Jeremiah Wright’s sudden notoriety. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright went to Washington on Monday not […]

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Apr 28 2008

Jeremiah Wright – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Personally I find Rev Jeremiah Wright a sad echo from a sad time in America. He, like so many other aging baby-boomer liberals is living in the glory days of the 60’s and 70’s. He is trying as hard as he can to stoke the fires of racism in the country – all in the […]

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Apr 28 2008

al-Qaeda Becoming The Enemy Of Islam, Not the Future Of Islam II

It is becoming apparent that al-Qaeda is losing the hearts and minds of Islam because it is the source of atrocities and massacres on Muslims. The top White House terrorism expert thinks some gains are being made in the worldwide public relations battle against al-Qaeda, as the administration and its overseas allies press efforts to […]

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