Aug 09 2008

Russia’s Criminal Invasion Of Georgia And Obama Blows The “3 AM Call” Test

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Want to know what causes war and conflict? Doubt and Caution. The liberal forces in Europe and America keep whining about how we cannot enforce peace and democracy and must simply talk and appease. But those opposing forces ready to use military means (or worse in the case of terrorists) simply see the grasp for talk and negotiation as the final green light to move ahead and take by force that which can only be taken by force.  And apparently that is what happened with Georgia, snubbed by its what should be its European allies for the cheekiness of being an American ally, the European state of Georgia which wants to be part of the EU and NATO is now under military attack by Russia.

And those Europeans who are standing there watching this all transpire don’t even realize Russia just attacked on of them in an effort to peel it off from the heard. The predator is starting to stalk the weak and isolated. This is what comes when alliances fracture.  Europe may not have liked our decisions after 9-11, but it was their mistake not to stand by us as we have stood by them in the face of the Russian Bear for nearly a century. They never realized that once the signal is given, that there will be no fight to save an ally, all that means is the heard has given up one of their members to the predator.

Europe is much more like a herd cows than something like a herd of wildebeests which can protect themselves from predators. There was one good article in the UK Times which outlined this situation perfectly:

Thanks to American military aid, Georgia’s 18,000-strong armed forces are the best-trained and equipped fighting force in the Caucasus. But it is one thing for them to defeat the raggle-taggle militia of a tinpot place like South Ossetia (population 70,000). It is another for a country of less than five million people to take on Russia (population 142 million). Now the Kremlin is reacting strongly. Russian warplanes are reportedly striking targets in Georgia. Reinforcements are pouring in. And the Kremlin’s mighty propaganda machine is lumbering into action while a cyber-attack appears to have crippled Georgia’s websites.

European leaders have long been dubious about Mikhail Saakashvili, a charismatic US-educated lawyer who stormed to power in the Rose Revolution of 2005. Where the fans of the Georgian President see charm and brains, his critics – such as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel – see a dangerously headstrong and erratic leader. A crackdown on the Opposition in November, bullying of the media and instances of abuse of power among senior officials have allowed detractors to draw uncomfortable parallels between Georgia and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

These are misplaced: Georgia is not perfect, but it is not a dictatorship. Its leadership does not peddle a phoney ideology, such as the Kremlin’s mishmash of Soviet nostalgia and tsarist-era chauvinism. It has a thriving civil society, vocal opposition and ardently wants to be in the EU and Nato. Moral grounds alone would be enough reason for supporting it against Russian aggression.

The truth is the EU can save their ally Georgia, but they won’t. CNN is noting that Georgia is standing tall and declaring a war footing (but not yet formal war) with Russia.  But this is not something America should be required to fix for Europe. After years of being told there was not threat from Iraq (even though there was) it is absolutely true there is no immediate threat to America in this action. There is an obvious threat to Europe, but there are also infinite rationalizations that can be created to create a shield of denial about what is happening.

Georgia is, in the end, an example of what happens when liberals distract the forces of good from their purpose in order to pursue paths of appeasement on the claim it will be ‘easier’ and ‘less costly’. Predators look for any sign of hesitation or doubt, and then they strike when they find the circumstances they need to run over their opponents.  That is why doubt and hesitation are more dangerous than a being bold and sometimes overbearing.

Which leads me to how the two Presidential candidates are responding to the crisis:

When the North Caucasus slid into war Thursday night, it presented John McCain and Barack Obama with a true “3 a.m. moment,” and their responses to the crisis suggested dramatic differences in how each candidate, as president, would leadAmerica in moments of international crisis. 

While Obama offered a response largely in line with statements issued by democratically elected world leaders, including President Bush, first calling on both sides to negotiate, John McCain took a remarkably — and uniquely — more aggressive stance, siding clearly with Georgia’s pro-Western leaders and placing the blame for the conflict entirely on Russia. 

“I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict,” Obama said in a written statement. “Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and to avoid an escalation to full-scale war. Georgia’s territorial integrity must be respected.” 

“[T]he news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory. 

“The government of Georgia has called for a ceasefire and for a resumption of direct talks on South Ossetia with international mediators. The U.S. should immediately work with the EU and the OSCE to put diplomatic pressure on Russia to reverse this perilous course that it has chosen.”

McCain is right. Russia had no business going into another country to help forces working to take over the sovereign state – no matter what their ethnic heritage.  Obama (and in a rare failure, also President Bush) is sounding too compliant, too indecisive. Russia has attacked a European nation (even if it is not yet in NATO or the EU).  When the EU rebuffed Georgia’s entry into NATO recently, and therefore withheld the security protections that membership incurs, they were more interested in poking America and Bush in the eye. They sacrificed their neighbors to get in a cheep shot at America – and now Europe is being invaded.

Is Europe still a bunch of Neville Chamberlains, willing to sacrifice smaller nations in sure-to-fail effort to appease the predators? We know Obama is the epitome of Chamberlain model, still hoping for defeat in Iraq after we have already achieved victory! The world is be tested again, as it was on 9-11. Will it respond in a lesser way to the killing of civilians by military forces than it did to the killing of civilians by terrorists? Are we at the point were military invasions are less worthy of responding to than terrorist attacks?

McCain is right. This incident needs to be answered and now.  EU forces should be flooding into Georgia to show solidarity and warn Russia there will be a high price to pay if they don’t back down right now. And the Olympics should not play any role in the decision process. 

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Terrye, Townhall magazine has an interesting article about the 1992 – … war in the Balkans.

    Wish townhall would make it available for online perusal.

  2. hsabin says:

    # Jules Royon 09 Aug 2008 at 7:09 pm
    Thanks to American military aid, Georgia’s 18,000-strong armed forces are the best-trained and equipped fighting force in the Caucasus

    That no doubt explains their success slaughtering hundreds of civilians this past two days. Nothing like American know how. (American know how didn’t do the slaughter Jules -the Georgians did. ANd who would supply them with arms to defend against Russia? Europeans? HAH!!)

    The Americans have a military presence on the ground in Georgia. I find it hard to believe the Americans were unaware of Georgia’s attack in advance. (Who cares what you believe – its only what you can prove!)

    We need reporters to ask hard questions about what the Americans knew. It’s likely they endorsed the slaughter. (Reporters? the ones who won’t mention bad things about Obama or ask questions of him other than what ice cream he ate? Hah! Get Real buddy!)

    But the Georgian bandits have messed up. Their atrocities may ensure civilized Europe never accepts them into the EU and NATO. So some good will come of it. (Civilized Europe? THe same civilized Europe who lets Darfur and the genocide go on there? The same Eruope who wouldn’t even exist unless the good old USA saved their sorry butts from ‘Germany in WWII? That same civilized Europe who cusses the Easterners in Germany? Balmes their problems on them? Civilized is not the word I would use, COWARDLY is more like it.

  3. Jules Roy says:

    Terrye – Jules is repeating Pravda’s propaganda. Just like the good old days. Lefties parrot Moscow line.

    I was anti-Soviet for the same reasons that I’m anti-US government today. Once upon a time the USSR acted like the USA. They called anyone who disagreed with them “fascists” or “imperialists” or “enemies of the people”. Ideology trumped truth, human nature, and reality on the ground. Today partisans of the American empire are virtually identical. They claim their ideology – let’s call it Americanism – is universally applicable. Anyone who disagrees is said to be “an enemy of democracy” or “against freedom”. No need to examine the particulars of each conflict just apply a one size fits all explanation: Those opposed to US government goals are evil while those who favour US goals are friends of democracy.

    American conservatives are particularly annoying. They are suspicious of government and the media when it comes to domesticate matters. Yet when it comes to foreign policy they believe everything their government and media tell them. Their Pavlovian response to Russian action is idiotic.
    But ultimately American bullying is bipartisan.

    Madeleine Albright – If we have to use force, it is because we are America! We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall, and we see further into the future

    Hubris doesn’t even begin to describe the Americanists.

  4. Jules Roy says:

    AJStrata doesn’t believe that Putin was responsible for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. He better be careful or the full blown Americanists here will accuse him of parroting Pravda’s line.

  5. ivehadit says:

    There is some excellent commentary on this over at
    Putin is making his move, imho.

    We must hit now, and hit hard. He is acting like the terrorists and we must act accordingly, imho. Calling Condi: Stick it to ’em Condi. No mambi pambi state dept. talk, ya hear?

    It’s a sad day for Russia. They have so much potential but their leadership has consistently made the wrong choices on so many important issues. They continue to embrace the darkness. What a waste.

  6. Terrye says:


    This has nothing to do with Litvinenko’s death. I think Putin might very well have had something to do with that.

    Finland, Lithuania, and other countries of the region have been anything but supportive of Russia’s move. Ukraine has threatened to deny them port privileges.

    Now, if you want to believe that the big bear is the victim, go ahead..but I am not that stupid and considering the fact that even Obama is starting to jump on the Russians…I would say it is pretty clear to most rational observers who the aggressor is, and it ain’t Georgia.

  7. dave m says:

    My opinion:
    Russia and China both support Iran in getting AND using the atomic
    bomb against the USA. Both countries are helping to the maximum
    extent that they can.


    Iran can’t hope to explode more than a few bombs on American soil
    before they cease to exist, but even a few nukes, located in
    maybe NYC, DC, and Chicago (for example, sea borne by small sailboats),
    will seriously setback the USA. The West’s banking system may collapse.
    It will give Russia and China two decades head start to achieve top
    dog status.

    Sure, Iran will be wiped off the map, but Russia won’t mind that either.
    A messianic islamic country would have eventually turned it’s attentions
    to infidel Russia too. Better to convince them to be “useful idiots”,
    fulfill the mission, and die.

    Debka reports that a large naval buildup is occurring in the Persian Gulf
    right now. Everybody thinks something is going to happen pretty soon.
    John Bolton predicted Nov 5 th.

    I advance the highly speculative guess that Russia wants to save Iran
    but cannot be seen as outright defending them. They need plausible
    deniability. What to do? Why not engineer a crisis on NATO’s
    doorstep and with an American ally. Invade Georgia. With luck,
    it might be enough to scare off Bush. The price of timidity.

    By the way:

    Breaking news on Texasdarlin:

    Two sources, including Larry Johnson of No Quarter (who’s been in Hawaii on business), have independently told me that Republicans have in their possession Barack Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate.

    The sources confirm that the theory first presented here — see Obama Hides Indonesian Identity, Fake Birth Certificate Explained — nearly 2 weeks ago, IS TRUE:

    The name on the Birth Certificate is Barry Soetoro.

    Larry Johnson reports:

    Did I also mention how small Hawaii is? Republican operatives, with help from their own island backers, have unearthed critical information on Obama and are just biding their time until after the convention to drop it on him. Such as? Having a birth certificate that lists you as Barry Soetoro.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Dave, I have had the same thoughts about Russia. I have wondered why now, why Georgia, who’s doing what to whom…and I can’t help but think that this is strategically planned…

    The dark is bubbling to the top. All is being seen. Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela…This is a treacherous world and we are under attack from multiple quarters…within and without.

    If the old line democrats had any moral fortitude, they will make sure the o is NOT elected. We cannot afford the inexperienced socialist in our House. We cannot afford to be seen as weak…something the socialists will NEVER understand.

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  11. dan020 says:

    here’s my question……
    is there anything more to this story than american bravado and cold-war mentality?
    seriously, ive researched this, georgia was the aggressor, they bombarded the ossetian capital tskhinvali, (confirmed by independant observers!) then russia stepped in and DEFENDED the ossetian people.
    it’s funny how america has the right to step into whichever country they like to “defend the people and fight for good” but when another large country stands up for the little guy its “criminal”?
    seriously, just because russia also has nukes doesnt mean that they are the evil in the world.
    this is kind of like vietnam, a large country stepping in to defend a small, except russia won its war, america lost.

    my message is GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT FIRST!!