May 29 2008

May 2008 Could Be The 1st Or 2nd Lowest Month Ever For US Casualties In Iraq

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As we sit 3 days away from the end of a very pivotal month, May 2008 is headed towards being the 1st or 2nd lowest month for US deaths in Iraq for the entire 5+ years of the war. The downward trend in violence that has been seen since last August, when The Surge and The Awakening went into full force, has continued to grow and increase. As of today 19 Americans lost their lives in Iraq this month. Last month we lost 52, prior to that 39, prior to that 29.

Last year, at this time, February 07 saw 81 US deaths, March 81, April 104 and May 136. At this time last year the liberals were declaring defeat in Iraq, The Surge a failure and all hope lost. of course, it had yet to really begin.

Today the Iraqi forces are taking the lead in Basra, Sadr City and Mosul – clearing out the last of the rats. US forces are finally in a support role and are becoming very hard for terrorists to hit. We continue to find weapons caches before they kill us and our allies. If this trend continues through the summer – which it will – then the “Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost” for the Surrendercrats who predicted defeat.

Addendum: How about a little retrospective from November 2007 for all those dire predictions of defeat and doom from the left:

Dean, the Democratic National Chairman, on Monday told a San Antonio, Texas, radio station that the United States appears to be making the same mistakes it made during the Vietnam War, and the idea that the war in Iraq can be won is “just plain wrong.”


“I do not believe in making the same mistake twice, and America appears to have made the same mistake twice,” Dean said during an interview with WOIA radio, adding that he wished Bush “had paid more attention to the history of Iraq before we had gotten in there.”

And this one:

With a US puppet government in Iraq, a western democracy forced on the Iraqis, the slaughter and war crimes committed by western forces and divisive measures in place to ensure civil war are the ingredients of a right wing fundamentalist and imperialist ‘George Bush’ whose ultimate goal is to take a foothold in the ME and spread western style democracy at the expense of the country’s natural resources. The West cannot win the war. They are fighting a new phenomenon both ideologically and militarily and are losing at every turn. The West seeks recognition in life, whilst Muslims seeks martyrdom in death. The fabric of Muslim society is religious cohesiveness whilst the West is political.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Those numbers can change with a single attack. Probably better not to make too much of it until the month is over. Counting chickens and all of that …