May 20 2008

That Michelle Obama Mystery Tape Surfaces Again

Larry Johnson is wild with conspiracy theories, but he also may be on to something (though I seriously doubt his version of things – the man is a professional liar for hire).  Recently he hinted at a GOP held tape of Michelle Obama railing against Whitey inside Rev Wright’s Trinity Church (something believable I guess).  Today he notes Obama’s run to defend his wife against the GOP attack machine is because Obama knows about the tape and its contents:

But the real reason for Obama’s extraordinary freakout is that he fears the release of the videotape, reported here, of Michelle Obama in the pulpit of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church railing against “whitey.” And we don’t mean Whitey Ford. Four Republican sources have told me that the tape exists. I’ve also been informed that Karl Rove and his allies have a copy of it and are using it to raise funds for independent expenditure groups. The tape, I’m told, will be disclosed as the GOP October Surprise. It’s a ticking time bomb.

The need to pull Karl Rove into this mess is just to pat.  Johnson needs to make sure this doesn’t blow back on his puppet masters, the Clintons.  And there is more absurdity spewing from Johnson:

And I’ve learned that a right-wing Republican billionaire has put a $1 million bounty on the video. He doesn’t want John McCain to win, like a number of conservatives, and thinks Obama is a pathetically weak candidate. The billionaire wants that video released now.

Right, the evil corporate right-winger (no doubt from the vast right wing conspiracy) is trying to defeat John McCain, so he goes after Michelle Obama?  What Johnson did was just telegraph the true intentions of this political hit job he is playing.  He desperately needs this to look like a GOP effort.

Look, who benefits right now from this rumor, or the tape if it exists?  Hillary Clinton.  But Hillary can only steal the primary nomination AND win the election if she can find a way to lay the blame for all this on the GOP – otherwise she would have destroyed the Democrat Party if African American voters learn the Clinton Muck Machine pointed its guns on their latest leader.   Does McCain or the GOP need this news to come out now?  Of course not – they want it to be the October surprise.

The addition of Karl Rove to the story is meant to create an emotional reaction on the left so they don’t think about what is happening, they simply react.  Johnson created some story about why this needs to come out now.  The only person who really needs this out now is Hillary.  He is a Hillary hatchet man from way back and he has some training in disinformation and diversion from his short time at the CIA (not enough though to get by some of us).

Johnson may be right.  The tape may exist and Obama  knows it.  If Michelle is on tape and it is available to the GOP and Obama camp (thus there is no need to pay $1 million for a copy) then the question boils down to how to make this hurt the GOP as much as the Democrats.  One answer for all sides on the left is to lay as much blame on the GOP as possible.  But the fact is this is all about a Hillary supporter pushing rumors about Obama’s wife on a devastating tape.  There is no GOP in this, except that they get all the benefits of this muck-raking as the two dems destroy each other.

The Presidency holds enormous power, and that power can corrupt the very soul of people who become obsessed with gaining hold of that power.  That power can even be more corrupting if you tasted it once and now face a long life simply memorializing your one, screwed up shot at holding that power.  The Clintons will do anything to win this election folks. Having their guy spread rumors (or copies) of a damning tape is completely normal for them, and not even close to what lengths they would actually go to.   These are the people who sifted through confidential files on hundreds of White House workers – a public tape is nothing to them but a means to an end.  A means to their precious power!




Update: Check out Jim Gerahgty’s take on this as well.

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