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Mar 30 2007

Why Question Berezovsky About Bank Accounts?

I am being facetious of course. Boris Berezovsky, employer of both Alexander Litvinenko (who died of Po-210 exposure last November) and Andre Lugovoi (who met with Litvinenko many times during last October and from which traces of Po-210 have been found) is surprised Russian investigators were interested in his bank accounts during his questioning in […]

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Mar 30 2007

A Horrible Crime

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I don’t care what side of the immigration issue people reside on, I think we can all agree that the killing of two people driving down the road is a horrific and senseless crime. The fact they were migrant or illegal immigrant workers doesn’t make one bit of difference. Whoever did this should be arrested, […]

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Mar 30 2007

al Qaeda Lashing Out In Desperation, Mass Murder Of Muslims

Al Qaeda is on a Muslim Murdering Spree in a vain attempt to turn back the tide rising against it. In Iraq they have gone on a killing spree in the last few days which has killed 400 Muslims – which of course the left can only blame on the US – as if we […]

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Mar 30 2007

Gonzales Ain’t Leaving

The Bush administration, showing more spine and resolve and foresight than all the conservatives who called for a sacrificial lamb to appease the Democrat Congressional and media witchhunters, is standing firm with Gonzales. As they should. Let the Dems waste what little political capitol and America’s patience they have left on this matter. Nothing shows […]

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Mar 30 2007

Iran’s Actions Reflect On Appeasers’ Delusions

The US has naive appeasers in both parties, though they reside in large numbers in the liberal wing of the Democrat party. But the GOP has their Bakers and Hagels, and Iran is showing just how naive they can be in the international arena. This was brought home quite well in this article by Rich […]

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Mar 30 2007

Is It Time To Deal With Iran? – Possibly So

The news coming out of Bahrain shows all the signs of US ‘redeployments’ in preparation for some possible military actions against Iran. The advice came from officers with US Central Command 5th Fleet HQ at Manama, who spoke of security tension, a hint at an approaching war with Iran. Arab sources report the positioning of […]

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Mar 30 2007

Wave Of Adult Stem Cell Cures, Nothing Yet From Dead Embryos

Well, the snakeoil of Embryonic Stem Cell cures is rapidly being exposed as the hype many of us with a scientific background predicted it would be (not hard to predict something you ‘know’). Let’s take a quick review of all the REAL progress being made by adult stem cells. Here is a major breakthrough for […]

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Mar 30 2007

Lame Media Attacks On A 9-11 Hero

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The liberal media, sensing their democrat candidates are in trouble, are manufacturing faux issues regarding GOP frontrunner Rudy Guiliani. First up is the myth that discontinuous radio frequencies, which clogged communications during 9-11, were Rudy’s fault: Giuliani, the leader in polls of Republican voters for his party’s nomination, has been faulted on two major issues: […]

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