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Mar 01 2007

Dems Falter, Base Nervous

Seems the radical liberal base is beginning to reach the end with the Democrats in Congress. The only two groups praying for a withdrawal in Iraq are the far left liberals and al Qaeda, so there is not a lot of hope the Dems can get themselves out of this mess: Don’t go wobbly on […]

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Mar 01 2007

Number 3 Taliban Leader Arrested In Pakistan

OK, for those skeptical about Pakistan’s backbone regarding the Islamo Fascists they just arrested the number 3 Taliban leader: Pakistani security forces have captured a high-ranking Taliban leader in the southwestern city of Quetta, a senior Pakistani security official and Taliban sources said on Thursday. The capture of Mullah Obaidullah Akhund marked the first time […]

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Mar 01 2007

Whooping Up On al Qaeda In Iraq

The pathetic irony of the day is both al Qaeda and the Dems thought the post 2006 election world would be so different. Al Qaeda had finally seen the surrender monkies take control of Congress and assumed it was only a matter of week’s before the US would surrender Iraq. And Dems thought they had […]

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Mar 01 2007

Mad Murtha Strikes Again

Mad Jack Murtha is out again demonstrating the idiocy that is Liberal Democrat Policy. Since taking a drubbing for being the Chief Surrender Monkey in the House who tried to deplete replacements for our troops in Iraq trying to turn things around he has been ostricized by his party for being what he is, a […]

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Mar 01 2007

Conservative Realignment

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Hard core conservatives may need to face some facts: they bet all on fighting their President in 2006 and ended up losing big in the Congress. The risk here is the far right get’s the wrong message from this public rebuke. The example is best seen in a piece out by Robert Novak: New York-based […]

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Mar 01 2007

Rise Of A New Taliban Leader

Ed Morrisey writes today on the new Taliban Leader, Mullah Dadullah, who is eclipsing Mullah Omar and possibly even Bin Laden in the Afghan-Pakistan region. Let’s just say I have not found people who have rhyming names all that effective. Morrissey rightfully points out the Islamo Fascists are typically three quarters faux bluster. But this […]

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