Mar 30 2007

al Qaeda Lashing Out In Desperation, Mass Murder Of Muslims

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Al Qaeda is on a Muslim Murdering Spree in a vain attempt to turn back the tide rising against it. In Iraq they have gone on a killing spree in the last few days which has killed 400 Muslims – which of course the left can only blame on the US – as if we made al Qaeda kill their fellow Muslims.

The fact is al Qaeda is killing those Muslims who are trying to rid their community of al Qaeda’s poisonous and bloody influence. Something any still sane liberal should be for. But the liberals are now too deep in the throws of BDS to support those Muslims now trying to turn away from al Qaeda. They cannot abandon these Muslim victims of al Qaeda fast enough.

There are also the same signs now in the Waziristan Province of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border, as fighting has erupted again as local tribesmen try to oust the foreign fighters from their midsts:

At least 52 people were killed and hundreds injured in a fresh burst of fighting between local and foreign militants in South Waziristan near the Pak-Afghan border.
Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao confirmed the death of 45 Uzbek militants and seven tribesmen.

The latest killings have increased the total toll to 213, after fighting began last week between foreign Uzbeks and local tribesman, who are supported by the Talibans.

The Democrats need to explain how we will win the war on terror by abandoning those Muslims trying to take a stand against the terrorists, and letting the terrorists win through violence and bloodshed. Why is it the Democrats are trying to force Bush to run from al Qaeda in Iraq at the same time the Iranians are trying to force the Brits to run from al Qaeda in Iraq? The Iranians are using threats against kidnapped soldiers whereas Dems are only threatening to leave our troops unfunded on the battle field – if that makes a big difference. Why has Iran and al Qaeda made such risky and potentially disasterous moves? My bet: they are in serious trouble and the Muslim street is fed up with their BS and blowhard predictions. And I am absolutely sure the Muslims are tired of being slaughtered in the name of pure Islam.

Whatever idiocy the Dems have concocted in their heads to join forces with the Iranians in trying to end our chance of success in Iraq, one thing is for sure: the slaughter of Muslims IS NOT coming from US bombs. It is coming from al Qaeda.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Html has issues on the next two posts

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Well, what’s ahead?

    There’s another aircraft carrier steaming towards the Gulf. Then, according to DEFKA, Barain’ees. Barainians? Are being told to get out of town. And, the hotels are filling up with American naval personnel.

    Yeah. iran has some “bargaining chips.” They’ve got the 15 hostages.

    But will they be in play, or not, is a different matter.

    One thing Bush could have learned from the Riyadh “summit” is that it was anti-American AND anti-Israel. That was some “take-it-or-leave-it” proposition, there!

    And, unlike Jimmy Carter, Bush wouldn’t be afraid to “push” the military button. Which “may” explain why pelosi wants to go to Damascus, to talk to the ophthalmologist? Maybe, he can open her eyes?

    On the other hand, Bush has his plate full, due to his own incompetence. AND, he needs a lucky break. One that comes from USING FORCE. After which, he’s gotta hope he can turn the tides his way. And, get out from under being in a “Jimmy Carter pickle.”

    What would most Americans tolerate?

    Turns out the navy and air force both deliver blows; without accumulating body bags.

    Can Tony Baloney Blair, working the “other” flank; while pelosi does her nonsensical, wimsical “tour” … gain any changes, for the good, ahead?

    My guess? I think our navy will take actions in the Gulf.

    Won’t necessarily free the hostages. Or get approval from congressional democraps. Or even the Saudis.

    Will the Saudis begin screaming about American troops and vessels deep, now, in and around Mideast waters?

    Hard to say. Hard to call whom Bush will choose to throw to the wolves. But toss is to be expected.

    His “popularity” ratings can’t go any lower. And, most of the harms done to him are done by “fwends.” In other words? Bush may be smart enough to know that the saudis just did him no favors. And, condi can’t carry water.

    I’ll also guess that any military action Bush decides to take, is taken against the advice proffered by Tony Baloney Blair.

    So we’ll get either creeping headlines. Creepy headlines. Or Bush? Just ignoring all headlines. And, pushing to hurt the arabs who are hell-bent on hurting us. Just in case you thought they all looked alike; nothing tears apart clicks like the mafia fights between “brothers.”

    It’s not a stagnant pool. And, whatever tool Bush decides to use; he has to come to grips with how turned off so many Americans feel, now, about the president, himself. Similar boat to the one his father “drove.” Can he steer himself out of this mess? (Congress critters are not very popular! To lose to a team like the donks have would be the worst gross negligence, EVER.)

    What pushed the Saudis into doing their Riyadh trick, if they didn’t accomplish all that much with what they were trying to get: A shift to gaining ground. Be nice if Bush decides to deny them this! (Pelosi, working with the “other arab faction” is also going courting against the saud’s. You didn’t know?)

    Soon? It’s possible everybody could be on the same page!

  3. Terrye says:

    I think that Congressional vote gave the terrorists a real shot in the arm. They are thinking, it is working…this killing of innocent people..if we keep up the pressure the Americans will run away soon.

  4. Rich says:

    AJ. the democrats just don’t care. Hence, the Pelosi to Syria trip. There are 3 reasons for opposition to the war on terror (yes, Iraq is the critical theather of it). 1. the realist argument, which is really the no blood for jews argument. Webb, Novak, Buckley, Will are here. The second is the cowardice argument, being too afraid to do anything (see Clinton, both) and the third is indifference, the GWOT is a distraction from other goals. Most democrats are in camps 2 and 3. That’s pretty sickining but reality. No matter how mamy people Al-Qaeda slaughters or the risk of Iran or Al-Qaeda taking over Iraq, they just don’t care. There’s always America to blame. To think these killers were “caused” by the Iraq war is crazy. It’s the flavor of the month to justify killing. They kill to get their own way. Look at Algeria, Afghanistan, rebels in Uzbekastan, Somolia, Yeman, Palestine, Sudan (2 times) etc.

  5. dennisa says:

    Al Qaeda is only good at blowing up unsuspecting civilians. Every time it has been confronted with military force, it has been defeated. The solution to this problem should be obvious. Unfortunately, we have unreality-based Democrats who seem to believe the only Iraqi problem is the presence of American troops.