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Mar 03 2007

al Qaeda Taking A Pounding In Iraq

The US is on the offensive in Iraq, before even half the troop surge is in place: The United States military said today that an airstrike north of Baghdad killed several Al Qaeda insurgents who were using heavy artillery machine guns to fire at American helicopters. The strike occurred Friday west of Taji, where several […]

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Mar 03 2007

Republicans Are Wandering In The Political Desert

If this posting is an indication of what was felt at CPAC (and there are some indications there were plenty who do harbor these feelings) then conservative movement is going to find it difficult to ban together to challenge the Dems. The Dems are cut-throat and will do anything to win, even if that means […]

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Mar 03 2007

What Is Wrong With Coulter?

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I was at CPAC last year when Coulter bombed with her stupid and irresponsible comment about ‘ragheads’. A comment that stunned the crowd and was really hurtful to all the Muslim groups there at the Exhibit Hall to show solidarity with the War On Terror. From that day on Coulter was damaged goods and had […]

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