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Mar 08 2007

Coulter does it again…

Obviously unsatisfied with her second straight slur at CPAC, Ann Coulter is now trivializing murder. Is this acceptable discourse? I don’t think so.

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Mar 08 2007

A Moment From The Beach For Scooter Libby

I want to thank all the guest bloggers holding down the fort here while LJStrata and I enjoy a wonderful Caribbean beach. I am taking a quick noon-time retreat from the sun and thought I would drop a note on the Libby verdict. I have to say I am surprised Libby was found guilty regarding […]

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Mar 08 2007

One juror favors a pardon…

The Drudge Report has the scoop on this one. The juror is partially right. Libby was caught up in the investigation – and it was an investigation that should have ended long before Libby and Rove were called to the stand. In the end, rather than admit there was nothing and that it had been […]

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Mar 08 2007

Top Pakistan Nuclear Scientists in Taliban Custody?

I pray this is false: Two top nuclear scientists of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) are currently in Taliban custody. The two were working at PAEC’s facility in North West Frontier Province. Zee News investigations reveal that the two scientists were kidnapped about six months ago. To avoid international embarrassment Pakistan Government has kept this […]

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