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Mar 25 2007

Updates From The War On Terror Front Lines

The US news media seems incapable of performing its most basic duty: informing the people of the United States of critical events in the world. It seems to have decided to bequeath that responsibility to foreign news media organizations. OK, so be it. First from Ramadi we have more Sunni Sheiks turning on al Qaeda […]

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Mar 25 2007

300 Iranian Spies And Terrorists

It seems the reasons behind the nutty and dangerous behavior of the Iranians is the fact the US coalition in Iraq may be holding upwards of 300 Iranian-linked prisoners caught red handed assisting in the kiling of US troops. So let’s recap: Iranians commit an act of war by working with Islamo Fascists to kill […]

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Mar 25 2007

Taliban Offers “Safe Haven” To Uzbeks In Afghanistan

In the category of “dumb terrorists tricks” we have

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Mar 25 2007

Shiia Backed By Iran Are Attacking Sunnis

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I do not believe in coincidence, so I can only conclude that the bombing of a Sunni Mosque south of Baghdad was part of the escalation of events in Iraq being orchestrated by Iran to try and save al Qaeda’s hide in Iraq. It is too convenient to have al Qaeda call for immediate Sunni […]

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