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Mar 05 2007

Imagining a Covert Agent

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As the trial of Scooter Libby nears its end, the pundits on each side of the case have been fighting about one fundamental issue: was Plame a covert agent when Novak published her CIA credentials? Larry Johnson says yes, Victoria Toensig says no. I’ll admit up front that I am biased against Mr. Johnson, and […]

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Mar 05 2007

Check out Flopping Aces…

A while back, Flopping Aces published some great cartoons about the Democrats’ idea of supporting the troops. A post from last night has some more good ones that just say it better than thousands of words. Go over and check it out.

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Mar 05 2007

James Cameron’s PR Disaster

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As I wrote when the news broke about a tomb being (re)discovered that was possibly that of the family of Jesus Christ, his wife Mary and his extended family I was not concerned about the impact to Christianity and find the idea of Jesus being married compelling (but not proven yet). I think the biggest […]

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