Mar 30 2007

Wave Of Adult Stem Cell Cures, Nothing Yet From Dead Embryos

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Well, the snakeoil of Embryonic Stem Cell cures is rapidly being exposed as the hype many of us with a scientific background predicted it would be (not hard to predict something you ‘know’). Let’s take a quick review of all the REAL progress being made by adult stem cells.

Here is a major breakthrough for Liver cancer and other Liver injuries – fast regeneration via adult stem cells:

For the first time, researchers have used adult bone marrow stem cells to regenerate healthy human liver tissue, according to a study published in the April issue of the journal Radiology.

When large, fast-growing cancers invade the liver, some patients are unable to undergo surgery, because removing the cancerous tissue would leave too little liver to support the body.

Researchers at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany, used adult bone marrow stem cells to help quickly regenerate healthy liver tissue, enabling patients to eventually undergo a surgical resection.

And here is an adult stem cell therapy in the human testing phase which helps people recover better and faster from heart attacks. This one is so far advanced it has it’s marketting name in place – all ready for the public (more news here):

Heart attack patients who received an new intravenous adult stem cell therapy, Provacelâ„¢, experienced a lower number of adverse events, such as cardiac arrhythmias, and had significant improvements in heart, lung and global function compared to those who received a placebo, according to six-month Phase I study data presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Innovation in Intervention: i2Summit in New Orleans on March 25.

Here is a story about a bone marrow adult stem cell transplant which helped that knocked back into remission what was an extremely resilient case of leukemia:

My mom was one of those people that got cured of leukemia by getting a stem-cell transplant. My mom was so sick and chemotherapy couldn’t stop the leukemia from getting a lot worse, so she got a stem-cell transplant. My mom’s donor was a 21-year-old man who had a surgery to get these stem cells from his bone marrow and they were given to my mom. He is fine and was only feeling a little sore for a week or so. It did not kill him or have any serious effects on him. It has been two years since then and my mom is as healthy as ever!

Here is a story on how adult stem cellscould help the recovery from joint replacements or surgery become more complete and resilient:

Recovery from an injured knee or elbow can be a long and painful process. Cartilage is an exceptionally slow-healing tissue, and, until now, the missing or damaged tissue is often irreplaceable. Researchers at the University of Guelph are hoping stem cells might provide the needed tissue replacements.

Prof. Dean Betts and doctoral candidate Thomas Koch, Department of Biomedical Sciences, are hoping to use stem cells to improve cartilage healing after joint injuries. They’re working with horses, where joint injuries are both common and costly, and say the research could be a model for helping human joint injuries.

Here is the point, and someone needs to collect the data (hey GOP people in Congress, here is your chance to promote a good Bill!) to see the score card. We need to see how many people saved or helped by adult stem cell therapies plotted against how many people were killed as embryos to produce nothing. Because that is the brutal bottom line here. Embryonic Stem Cells have yet to produce anything beyond tumors and making things worse. Adult Stem Cells are saving lives. So how many lives have Adult Stem Cells saved or helped – and how many dead embryos trail the snakeoil BS of the embryo harvesting facilities of ESC who are all promises and no results?

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    AJ, I think “snakeoil BS” is an appropriate description. I’ve been following Geron’s ESCR since I read this article a year ago. They said:

    Tom Okarma: We will complete our IND-enabling studies, which are now in process and still on track, and file our IND during the fourth quarter of this year, assuming the preclinical data continue to go well. That starts a 30-day review clock by the FDA, who then has 30 days to either accept our IND and allow us to proceed or, at that point, they have questions that we must answer before we can begin. We are on track for that. So, assuming they bless the IND, we would hope to be in the clinic in the first quarter of (2007). (emphasis – mine)

    Update – 3/16/07:

    The keynote speaker for Day Two of the Stem Cell Meeting was Tom Okarma, President and CEO of Geron Corporation. His company is notable for the SCI community because they are set to begin, in the 4th quarter of 2007, the first human clinical trial using embryonic stem cells to regenerate nerve axons.

    I suspect they’re running into some problems. Stay tuned.

  2. The Macker says:

    Adult stem cell therapy is in the noble tradition of blood and organ donations. They are beautiful gifts of life from generous and willing fellow human beings.

  3. DubiousD says:

    AJ, plenty more of this at Michael Fumento’s site.

    His pieces themselves are informative but Fumento also links to all the original scientific articles and studies whenever possible.

  4. don margolis says:


    This story is about two men who never met—-but should have.

    Christopher Reeve was one of my favorite actors. He created the movie role of Superman and no one will ever surpass his perfect interpretation of the ‘mild-mannered Clark Kent.’ Years later, Superman suffered the worst accidental injury in the medical lexicon, Spinal Cord Injury, leading to paralysis; and those of us who admired him suffered along with him.

    In 2004, when the embryonic science fiction fraud in America kicked off in earnest, Mr. Reeve, like Michael J. Fox, who was suffering from Parkinson’s, was already a cheerleader, believing the lie they both believed, that George W. Bush was the reason that they both hadn’t been cured yet. OK, so they were wrong, but so are thousands of others with SCI or with Parkinson’s, except for one thing: THE RESULT OF MR REEVE’S AND MR. FOX’S PASSIONATE ERROR IS ADDING TO THE TORTURE ALL SUCH PATIENTS IN AMERICA!

    ‘How is that possible?’ you ask. Are you sitting down? Good. One sentence: In order for the embryonic fraud to survive, THE PROFITEERS MUST CREATE LIES, LIES THAT RESULT IN PROPAGANDA FORCED DOWN YOUR THROAT CLAIMING THAT ADULT STEM CELLS CANNOT DO MUCH OF ANYTHING.

    They pretend that there are no stem cells other than embryonic, or create science fiction lies that if they do exist, they not worth trying. Every major medical journal, every liberal newspaper, every Democrat, and hundreds of embryonic ‘researchers’ and writers are keeping paralyzed people paralyzed, keeping heart failure patients on that downhill rush to the grave, every Parkinson’s patient shaking worse and worse, and every stroke victim who is unable to speak, from knowing a better life may be available—IN CHINA IN IRAN IN THAILAND IN INDIA IN ARGENTINA IN MEXICO IN SWITZERLAND IN THE NETHERLANDS—shall I say it again? IN IRAN but not in the America of Hillary Clinton. All that is important to her and all the other Democrats is that they grab some votes by making a phony issue about embryonic stem cells, and spread propaganda SO THAT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL SUFFER AND THEN DIE WITHOUT DEMANDING TREATMENTS THAT ARE AVAILABLE IN IRAN.

    In 2004, two paraplegics testified to Congress about the improved quality of life they gained by going to Portugal to visit Dr. Lima’s tiny clinic to be treated with adult stem cells. Of course this information was kept from Mr. Reeve, or perhaps he was lied to by those who expect to profit from the billions they are about to rip off from you for embryonic cures that will never come. In any event, had he gone to Dr. Lima he might have improved his health enough to survive his condition and get a full series of ASC implants which could, by now, have him walking with the aid of walkers as some other are doing. But he gave, and Mr. Fox is giving, his life for something whose ONLY purpose is MONEY and is not about cures, and, by necessity, needs to hide what Lima and hundreds of other doctors are doing FOR REAL PEOPLE with ASC.

  5. don margolis says:

    The word for stem cells taken from the patient’s own body, and then reimplanted into that body to do the most good, is AUTOLOGOUS,
    That is why our creator made autologous stem cells in the first place, to help keep THAT ONE PERSON alive and healthy!

    He has now handed us the keys to the most powerful medicine the world has ever seen, capable TODAY of defeating 20+ “incurable” diseases, and certainly another 20 in the next few years.

    Yet researchers have most of the developed world believing mankind must wait years and decades for a science fiction known as “embryonic stem cells” to produce one cure. Therefore they tell a gullible world that this ultimate protection doesn’t work, despite weekly proof that it is already clearly defeating EVERY DISEASE which honest researchers choose to attack.

    But you can read these two short articles and understand everything.

    First, the embryonic press-release miracle of the day, promising a cure that will never come. For that is all they have; press-release “promises” for their true-believers and a kept-ignorant public:

    Secondly, how autologous adult stem cells have already proven, SCIENTIFICALLY, that the same disease is already doomed to be conquered by the truth, not by press-releases.

    I send you this so that you can understand my only mission—to bring the ultimate weapon against disease to those that
    are now suffering endlessly without it, suffering and dying merely to enrich the powerful with useless embryonic research dollars.

    In order to succeed, we must understand that major truths attacking what “everybody knows” is now approaching phase 2:
    1. First, it is ridiculed
    2. Second, it is violently opposed
    3. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident

    You will know that we have succeeded only when we reach phase 3.

    Don Margolis
    Autologous Stem Cell Advocate

  6. don margolis says:

    You are more correct than you suspect!

    Brandon Keim, science reporter for WIRED and an embryonic cheerleader, pointed out last Spring that GERON had announced, startingin 2004, EIGHT upcoming clinical trials.

    I noticed #9 (unless I missed one) on Oct 31 and #10 in Feb. 2008.

    MY message is that EVERTHING you hear from embryologist cheeleaders is a lie, especially what they say about the inability of adult stem cells to do much ofanything, despite the fact the 100+ medical considtions that I counted are being successfull treated by ASC.

    Don Margolis
    Chairman & Founder
    The Int’l Ctr. for Adult Stem Cell Education
    Bangkok Thailand & Washington DC USA

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