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Mar 29 2007

Democrats And Mad Mullahs

Anyone else feeling a sinking, sick and disgusted feeling when we see the Democrats trying to push for our surrender in Iraq along with Tehran using hostages and letters clearly written under theat of violence to achieve the same goal? The Iranian hostage crisis took a sinister turn last night when Tehran withdrew an earlier […]

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Mar 29 2007

Breaking: Gonzales & Miers OK With AG Action

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In the world of the obvious the news media is all atwitter with the news AG Gonzales and Counsel Miers did not object to (in other words ‘OKed’) the dismissal of 8 US prosecutors is nothing short of stunningly obvious. I mean, duh! – the 8 were dismissed. Obviously these two key voices in the […]

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Mar 29 2007

Democrat Defeatism On Display

The Dems truly are ignorant of the American mindset. They honestly believe “failure is an option” is now the core sense of America. Thankfully the country knows they are wrong. Sadly for their party the country knows they are wrong. The die are set and now fate is in charge. Unless Iraq becomes a disaster, […]

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Mar 29 2007

The Shifting Global Political Landscape

Forces and trends are at work today that have their origins centuries and decades ago. Different societies and belief systems have been on varying paths which have culminated in the conflict and confusion we see today. Some of these trends are like waves upon the edge of a pond or beach as we see repeated […]

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