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Mar 11 2007

The Biology Of Polonium Poisoning


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Mar 11 2007

Hillary’s Delusions Of Granduer

In the words of Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Loyd Bentson: Hillary, you are no John F Kennedy. He was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring and he was Catholic. I have no idea about Hill’s religious tendencies, but she doesn’t come off smart, dynamic or inspiring. In fact she is quite the wooden doll […]

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Mar 11 2007

Stranger Than James Bond

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There is a fascinating story out today regarding a high level Iranian General who was apparently spying for the West for years who had to be spirited out of Iran – via Damascus, Syria of all places – with his family last month: AN Iranian general who defected to the West last month had been […]

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Mar 11 2007

Dems Afraid Of A Little Joke

In another sad example of the whiney little Democrat Party getting hurt and taking their marbles home in a huff we have them running from a joke – about Bush! In a speech to the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation Dinner in Washington D.C. and carried on C-Span, Ailes made what Fox News spokeswoman […]

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Mar 11 2007

Native American Indian Trackers On Bin Laden Trail

In an echo of the Windtalkers (yes, more accurately the Codetalkerts) of the Second World War, which were able to encode military communications using Native American languages, the US is recruiting Native American trackers to aid in the hunt for Bin Laden and other terrorists in the wilds of Afghanistan and Pakistan: An elite group […]

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Mar 11 2007

Joe Wilson Knew Of Niger Forgeries In Detail

As I was rereading Wilson’s word’s for the speculative post below I focused in on a key event at UVA where Wilson let his mouth run a bit. And in that talk he tipped his hand on something that has been key to the controversy – who knew what about the infamous Niger forgeries. In […]

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Mar 11 2007

Joe Wilson, CIA Operative?

While I was flying out on vacation last week I was contemplating the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame partisan hit job, specifically one aspect of this whole mess that has bugged me from the start: why pick the apparently loose lipped Wilson for a CIA field investigation into WMD trafficking? And not just once but apparently many […]

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