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Mar 16 2007

More Polonium Contamination In London

Up until recently I had only read about three hotels in London contaminated with Po-210, and all associated with trips to London by Andre Lugovoi to meet Alexander Litvinenko. Here is one report which covers all the trips and contamination we knew about until recently: The focus yesterday was on Mr Lugovoi, a former KGB […]

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Mar 16 2007

Plame Silliness

I have to admit the Plame Game is getting a bit boring. And the duplicity of the attack on Libby and the administration over forgotten details verses the out and out lying by the Wilson’s and Fitzgerald is just mind boggling. What would be interesting is if ANYONE would take on the Wilson’s for all […]

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Mar 16 2007

America Has No Confidence In The News Media

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The News Media in this country has become a joke. With people like Keith Olberman and Chris Mathews it is no wonder Americans have no respect for the news media. The rise of Fox and the blogosphere has taken root because the media has self destructed through what can only be described as “mental inbreeding”. […]

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Mar 16 2007

GOP’s Useless Civil War

The Republicans seem hell bent on killing each other off. I have never seen so many violations of Reagan’s 11th commandment, but one story in the RCP top reading for the day shows an disgusting amount of internal attacks and uncalled for denigrating. Take this example of Libertarian snobbery (and I am not calling all […]

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