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Mar 13 2007

Anti-War Nutiness

While we are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan we need to make sure our troops have the best material to ensure their safety. That includes the new Stryker vehicle which is a troop transport that packs a punch. But the anti-war nuts in the US are trying to block this much needed material getting to […]

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Mar 13 2007

Giuliani Will Lead The GOP Pack For Some Time

Giuliani is leading the GOP 2008 polls right now because he is a demonstrated leader with a backbone made of the same steel that President Bush has in his. He has his priorities right in that the war on terror is the paramount issue of the day, and Iraq will determine the course of the […]

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Mar 13 2007

Smoke And Mirrors In Dems Latest Surrender Plan

The Democrats are trying to do their bate and switch again regarding their promise to do something about Iraq: THE RESTRICTIONS on Iraq war funding drawn up by the House Democratic leadership are exquisitely tailored to bring together the party’s leftist and centrist wings. For the Out of Iraq Caucus, which demands that Congress force […]

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Mar 13 2007

Who Cares If Gore Is Not Accurate!

The mantra from the “man-made Global Warming” crowd now seems to be all CYA. Al Gore, science/engineering bufoon, has apparently been out telling stories that have no scientific basis and actually fly in the face of actual scientific studies and results. “I don’t want to pick on Al Gore,” Don J. Easterbrook, an emeritus professor […]

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Mar 13 2007

Naive Dismissal Of Nuclear Threats

People who dismiss the threat of small nuclear devices are being dangerously naive. Realize that airplanes full of passengers where once thought to never be used as weapons and you can see how stupid it is to claim an actual weapon – which has no other purpose than to massively destroy – is not a […]

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