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May 24 2007

Dems Crash And Burn On Iraq War Funding

The votes to support the troops and the war effort were crushing defeats for the Dems and the left. In the House it was two-to-one in support of Bush, in the Senate even more crushing: Bush, who had vowed to veto any legislation with restrictions on troop deployments, announced he would sign the $120 billion […]

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May 24 2007

America Ready For Immigration Reform

The hard right is self destructing on the immigration issue just as the Dems self destructed on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Americans may not be happy with the current situation in either case. But they are not ready to surrender Iraq or punish those workers here in the US doing nothing more than […]

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May 24 2007

What Is Edwards Thinking?

John Edwards has really stuck his foot in his mouth with his speech that terrorism is not all that bad and we need to get over it. 9-11 was THE WORST single attack on this country in its history. In a matter of hours 3,000 good souls lost their lives. Edwards goes as far as […]

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May 24 2007

Can We Now Sue Congress?

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The House of Representatives has gone back to the pandering days of Jimmy Carter – which elevated the price of gasoline to heights (accounting for inflation) never seen before or since. The House has decided to pass legislation on ‘price gouging’: Congress is desperate to show it feels your pain at the pump. The House […]

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May 24 2007

Immigration Bill Observation

On the immigration bill now being debated in the Senate I have this observation: so many people keep posting “why can’t I get what I want and nothing else?” – or variations on that theme. Why? Because this is a democracy. You will not get what you want because others want that aspect and we […]

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