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May 23 2007

Berezovsky Threatens Lugovoi?

Berezovsky has been apparently sending messages to his old family bodyguard – Andre Lugovoi – that he needs to stay quiet or else. This is not the first time Berezovsky has sent a message to Lugovoi his life was in danger. When Litvinenko died and Berezovsky’s PR machine ramped up he and his messengers (Alex […]

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May 23 2007

Silly Hillary

Hillary’s political tin ear is showing itself again as she calls for a plan to surrender Iraq while Democrats prepare bills to surrender to Bush and fund the Iraq war: Hillary Clinton fired off a letter this morning calling on the Defense Department to draw up their Iraq withdrawal plans, if it hasn’t already. Note […]

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May 23 2007

Sunni And Shiia Join Up Against Al Qaeda In Iraq

Hat tip to reader DaleInAtlanta for bringing this amazing news to our attention. Sunni and Shiia leaders have signed an agreement to fight al Qaeda and support the Iraq government: A delegation of Sahwa al-Anbar, (Anbar Awakening) the tribal alliance in the restive Sunni province of Al Anbar, has made an unprecedented visit to Sadr […]

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May 23 2007

A Broader New Iraq Plan Emerges

The “Surge” is just one aspect of the new Iraq plan emerging as a result in the change in military leadership. The plan has a lot of new elements and has a lot longer timeframe than many on the left will have the patience to support (nothing new there): The plan has three pillars to […]

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May 23 2007

One Of Our Missing Soldiers Found

ABC News is reporting that the body of one of our missing soldiers in Iraq was found in the Euphrates river. No details yet, but clearly the terrorists murdered the man and tried to hide his body by dumping it in the river. The nature of the beast we fight is all too clear in […]

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