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May 13 2007

More Troops To Diyala

Progress is coming fast and furious in Iraq as the end game seems to be coming upon us. Al Qaeda is now backed into a corner in Diyala Province, having been rejected int the Sunni province of Anbar. The fact Anbar has rejected al Qaeda means it is now left with the unstable position of […]

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May 13 2007

Dadullah Is Dead

What great news out today! I predicted we would see a major hit on the Taliban leadership this year. Now with the number two leader dead (number three was a few weeks ago) we can celebrate another good day in the war on Islamo Fascism. The killing of the top Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah, a […]

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May 13 2007

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sorry for the lack of posts. LJStrata and I are busy with graduating seniors in high school and college. We had the junior ROTC ceremony on Friday evening, and then drove to our daughters big college graduation weekend. We just saw her take her final step into adulthood. Bitter sweet to say the least. Anyway, […]

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