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May 02 2007

More Democrat Futility

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Dems will need to read up on their Constitution and learn about separation of powers – because they keep wasting time (and making fools of themselves) with subpoenas which will be ignored by the administration. The democrats are already proving to be incompetent and incapable of passing anything of merit. The less they accomplish and […]

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May 02 2007

Contrary To Surrendercrats, al Qaeda Is Losing Ground In Iraq

I have said many times the Surrendercrats cannot affort al Qaeda to lose in Iraq because if they did, the Democrat party would probably be mortally damaged in terms of its reputation to lead this country. That is what happens when you bet on America to lose. But al Qaeda has made simiarly self-destructive decisions […]

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May 02 2007

Why Would Bush Cave?

The liberal media is really grasping to understand the obvious. I don’t need to link to all the stories speculating Bush might compromise, but they fail to understand one thing – why would he? If he was OK with limitations and timelines he would have signed the Bill and maneuvered expectations to move dates around, […]

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May 02 2007

Earth To Dems: You Are Not Commander-in-Chief

The Democrats have had their little hissy fit and once again (ad naseum) made it clear they want to surrender to al Qaeda. But the Surrendercrats have to realize something – the troops need their funding so they can get the protective gear and vehicles they need. They need to wake up and stop denying […]

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