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May 01 2007

Surrendercrats Surrender After Damage Done

The Democrats achieved nothing but exciting their more rabid base and putting smiles on al Qaeda’s faces. Oh, and I am sure Iran is happy too. So what was all their grandstanding for? Absolutely nothing: Democratic leaders in Congress are slowly backing down from a standoff with the White House over tying war funding to […]

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May 01 2007

Watch Turkey For The Future Direction Of Islam

Al Qaeda’s brutality has not gone unnoticed in one other democratically governed nation with a heavy Muslim population. Turkey, right on Iraq’s northern border, is seeing the methods used by al Qaeda to try and bend one democracy to its will. And what is sees is disturbing the nation, shaking it to its core: Turkey’s […]

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May 01 2007

al Qaeda Leader In Iraq Dead?

Major Update: It seems Masri may have been killed in al Qaeda-on-al Qaeda action: Some information… needs confirmation, but this information is very strong,” said Brigadier General Abdel Karim Khalaf, interior ministry operations director. “The clashes took place among themselves. There were clashes within the groups of al-Qaeda. He was liquidated by them.” That would […]

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