May 24 2007

Can We Now Sue Congress?

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The House of Representatives has gone back to the pandering days of Jimmy Carter – which elevated the price of gasoline to heights (accounting for inflation) never seen before or since. The House has decided to pass legislation on ‘price gouging’:

Congress is desperate to show it feels your pain at the pump.

The House today voted, 284-141, to pass a bill that would make gasoline price gouging a federal offense.

The pathetic panderers are back, desperate to make the country like them by trying offering up feel good eye-candy. The problem is their idea could make things worse – like Carter did when he tried price controls. To define a ‘gouge’ one needs to define a maximum price. QED: price controls. However, we have an opportunity here to possibly sue Congress. The largest price component, by far, in the price of fuel is the taxes. So while the manufacturing component of the price is defendable based on market forces, the waste and misuse of the tax component seems to be fair game. Someone needs to sue Congress for gouging us at the pump.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    In case the Senate also loses their mind(well, if they’ve regained it since this Amnesty bill) and pass this price control bill, the President has appropriately said he will veto it.