May 24 2007

Immigration Bill Observation

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On the immigration bill now being debated in the Senate I have this observation: so many people keep posting “why can’t I get what I want and nothing else?” – or variations on that theme. Why? Because this is a democracy. You will not get what you want because others want that aspect and we need a compromise to put an end to the status quo. The fact is, as someone pointed out, a majority of Reps do NOT oppose the bill (favor or are ambivalent). There is no ground swell against this. There is a vocal minority. Ask the question “this bill or nothing” and you will see the reality. Failure, like in Iraq, is not a rallying cry. The only question is will people lose (i.e., participate in our democracy) ugly or honorably. Sadly those opposing documenting the undocumented workers and making them pay a fine who equate this with treason are losing ugly. Really ugly. This is not treason on par with those who are exposing our covert and classified intelligence efforts. Exaggeration comes when the arguments are spent and left wanting. People need to respect democracy, before they decide they can or need to live without it.

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  1. Aitch748 says:

    My God, it’s only been thirteen months since those “gringos get off our continent” parades that really got the country steamed about immigration. I can’t believe that some are complaining about lack of progress on the wall. It can take a year or so to put up a building. We’re talking about a structure hundreds of miles long.

    Every time someone writes “Build the wall, THEN we’ll talk,” I just want to ask: How long do you think it will take to put up a wall as long and as unbreachable as you want?

    (Momdear: I’m not nearly as harsh generally about illegals as some people are, but I think that laying off “legals” en masse and replacing them with illegals is dirty pool, and I hope you or your woman friend placed a call to the feds about that mushroom factory.)

  2. Bikerken says:

    I’ll bet that if this bill passes, next year you see a law introduced allowing them to vote, and it will kick in before the 08 election. This law is only the beginning. Once is becomes obvious that there is no way the CIS can process all of these people and it becomes a backed up mess, then they will push for the North American Union and the borders will become nothing more than a formality. This bill is the beginining of the end of American soveriegnty. I can’t understand what it’s supporters are thinking. I’m wondering who they really are.

    By the way, Terrye, you keep talking about the far right not wanting to compromise, is there ANYTHING AT ALL in this bill that can in anyway be construed as something that the right wants???? I don’t see it. Also, I notice there is a profound lack of discussion about how much democratic voters are against this bill too. The silence is deafening! I have been scanning the usual left wing whack job sites and they seem to be ignoring the whole thing. However, democrat voters seem to be more against this than republicans. Truth be told, that is logical because most democrats have more to lose than most republicans. The more educated and affluent tend to be conservatives and the poorer tend to be democratic. While the democrat politicians and limosine libs want more mexican votes to expand their power, the dem voters know this is only going to bring wages down or cause inflation if everyone employing illegals now has to pay union scale that they cannot get. They know they will take it in the shorts! Why is the right being painted as the bad guy here and the left is being ignored? Something don’t add up.