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May 16 2007

Political Hack Smears Co-workers

Updated! When the liberal media has to shore up the reputation of the political hacks in DC trying to pretend to be simple, innocent civil servant (trust me, in DC everyone is out for their personal agenda and fame) you KNOW the media’s propaganda dance for the Dems is on: JAMES B. COMEY, the straight-as-an-arrow […]

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May 16 2007

Surrendercrats Lose Big In Senate, Madness Reigns In DC

I have no idea what is going on in DC these days. Both sides seem hell bent on irrelevancy and posturing – not production. The Dems took a big spanking with a huge rejection of a bill calling for pulling troops out by March 2008: The Senate on Wednesday rejected legislation that would cut off […]

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May 16 2007

Anbar Repeating In Diyala

One of the last throes of al Qaeda in Anbar Province, right before the Sunni’s switched allegiences en masse, was the use Chlorine attacks. The attacks were a sign of al Qaeda desparation. The use of chemical weapons signalled a willingness to use chemical weapons on Muslims in order to try and regain control over […]

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May 16 2007

Scientists Not Agreed On Global Warming Sources

I hate to say to the liberals I told you so, but I have been saying the ‘science’ on the matter of what is the force behind the Global Warming does not exist in the sense of established fact or accepted theories. It is all speculation and there are many, solid diverging views: Many former […]

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May 16 2007

Enviro-Nut Disasters?

When you see a lot of ‘convenient’ news the ‘inconvenient truth’ is sometimes that someone is behind the news using it to shape debates. I am surprised at the spread of this year’s fires across the country from CA to FL and now to NJ: A massive forest fire is burning across two counties in […]

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