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May 11 2007

Iraq Update

Seems to be a big day in Iraq (unless you are al Qaeda, then it is probably not such a great day). In Ramadi we are seeing the core example of what might be the end result in Iraq. The Surge and Clear and Hold strategies now being implemented are in large part modeled after […]

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May 11 2007

What John Edwards Learned About The Poor

John Edwards’ goofy claim he went to a hedge fund to “learn about the poor” shows why America did right in electing George Bush in 2004. The idea is so dumb I am not sure which is worse: (1) whether Edwards thinks we are all this dumb (no comment on his devout followers) or (2) […]

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May 11 2007

Thank Goodness For The NSA Surveillance Programs

We may be witnessing why the liberal attacks on the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs was the epitome of political suicide. Word from ABC News about a high threat level in Germany for a possible terrorist attack on US interests there, possibly using commercial aircraft again, can only be coming from our surveillance of communications […]

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May 11 2007

News From Diyala – And More On Iraq

What can I say – Bill Roggio has sources and I have Google, so of course he has much more on the Diyala front, including time tables regarding when the Province should start to turn around (early summer – which is soon). The U.S. and Iraqi security forces have preparing the battlefield in Diyala until […]

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