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May 28 2007

Thursday Lugovoi To Provide Sensational News

It looks like Thursday will be a big newsday for those of us following the Litvinenko story. That is the day Andre Lugovoi, the man Britain wants to charge with Litvenko’s murder, is going to hold a press conference to expose new aspects of this case – most likely implcating Boris Berezovsky in Litvinenko’s death, […]

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May 28 2007

Fitzgerald’s Proposed Libby Sentence IS For Crime Someone Else Committed

Fitz-Magoo is at it again, bending the law’s of this country to settle vendatta’s and scores with people for personal and political reasons. Between the hiding of evidence, filing false papers to the Appeal Courts and US Supreme Court, and now to making up laws as he sees fits, Fitzgerald is becoming more than a […]

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May 28 2007

More Tips, More al Qaeda & Taliban Leaders Detained

It seems a day does not go by now without the capture of al Qaeda leaders, and in the case of Afghanistan, the detaining of Taliban leaders as well: Afghan and coalition forces continued operations in Afghanistan over the past three days, resulting in the capture of Taliban and al Qaeda leaders. On May 25, […]

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