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May 03 2007

Zawahiri Aide Leading Al Qaeda Fight In Iraq

The questions surrounding whether al Masri – a key al Qaeda leader in Iraq – has uncovered some very interesting news. al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian number 2 under Bin Laden, combined his Islamic Jihad group with Bin Laden’s al Qaeda to create the global terrorist network responsible for 9-11, the US embassy bombings in Africa and […]

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May 03 2007

Great News From Diyala Province

Major Update: More details here on the signed accord in Diyala that now pits key tribal leaders against al Qaeda and on the side of America and Iraq. “The people have no confidence in the terrorists’ ways and ultimate goals for death and destruction,” said Col. David W. Sutherland, 3rd Brigade Combat Team commander and […]

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May 03 2007

Surrendercrats Surrender To Bush

Want to have fun today? Read Daily Kos (example) and Democrat Underground (example) and watch the fuming now that the Dems have caved on timelines for troop withdrawals. I can hear their wailing already…

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May 03 2007

Why Is Syria Building Up Their Military?

There have been numerous, consistent reports regarding Syria’s military build up and preparations (see here for my previous post). The military preparations by Syria clearly have Israel concerned, and apparently rightfully so: But the ambassador dwelled on what he called a major buildup of Syrian missiles that could reach any part of Israel “and create […]

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May 03 2007

Another al Qaeda Leader Killed In Iraq

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Great news on the Surrenderfront (oops, sorry…. I had a liberal moment there for a second) warfront: another key leader of al Qaeda’s efforts in Iraq was killed this week. U.S. and Iraqi forces have killed the head of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, an al Qaeda-led militant group that has claimed many major […]

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May 03 2007

Do-nothing Dems Upset At Iraqi Summer Break

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In what has to be the most glaring example of hypocrisy in recent history the do-nothing Surrendercrats (four months without any serious legislation – including one break) are upset at the Iraqis for their plans to take a break this summer (maybe to step back and work out some MORE solutions). This from the party […]

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