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Jan 25 2007

From The Duh! Files

What happens when you disarm law abiding citizens so that only criminals have weapons? Simple: More criminals feel comfortable commiting crimes with guns (allows them to control the situation). Ask Washington DC, which has one of the nation’s bans on personal firearms. And then come across the River to VA where we have conceal and […]

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Jan 25 2007

In This To Win

While Congress cries “uncle” to al Qaeda and whines “make it stop!” about a war they barely understand from their overstuffed chairs in DC, our heroic military is going all out to win this thing. Mortar blasts thundered across central Baghdad on Wednesday as Iraqi and US forces fought insurgents in a Sunni bastion, after […]

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Jan 25 2007

Po-210 Is Useful As A Nuclear Trigger

For those who wonder what would someone want so much Po-210 that it required three ‘consignments’ to get the material through London, when only 10 millionths of a gram wa required to kill Litvinenko (200 times over). Well, let’s not forget that beyond its high toxicity, it is a key element in old nuclear trigger […]

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Jan 25 2007

French Hit On US?

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Was the Wilson-Plame gambit nothing more than French retribution for Freedom Fries? It is clear relationship with the French took a hit that has never been recovered from when they stabbed us in the back in the UN over Iraq. But did the French plan to torpedo our plans by trying to convince the public […]

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Jan 24 2007

Fitzgerald’ Folly Part II

Fitzgerald’s troubled witnesses began having issues on day one. The last thing you want to do in your first witness is prove the oppositions argument that the witnesses are muddled, changed their stories and have no solid recollection of events and details critical to the case. And what you really don’t want is to establish […]

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Jan 24 2007

Fitzgerald’s Folly

Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald opened his case against Libby with the blessed ignorance of one with no clue he is in over his head. The opening remarks were telling. Fitzgerald is claiming Libby lied about the outing of Valerie Plame, when in fact Fitzgerald lied and submitted false claims to courts saying he needed to go […]

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Jan 23 2007

Jim Webb Gets Personal

I am hoping that everyone who watched the presidential address also watched Jim Webb’s speech. I understand why the Democrats chose Webb to give their response, since his win caused their party to take the majority in the Senate, but why didn’t they screen his speech. He started off contradicting himself by stating that opposing […]

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Jan 23 2007

Wonderful SOTU

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Practice does improve the skills. And as Bush delivered his second to the last SOTU it is evident that he has become much better at communicating his vision, while he positions his opponents into untenable positions. I worked froom 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM so this will have to be brief, and no doubt disjointed. […]

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Jan 23 2007

Fly By 01/23/07

The 2008 Presidential Race is top of the news, leaving me to find something else to focus on since I could care less about the 2008 race right now. And whatever is said today will be irrelevant by next year (let alone next month). But it is interesting to see the Democrats fracture with their […]

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Jan 22 2007

Believing The Unbelievable

See Scaramella addendum at end Folks are making a lot out of the fact Mario Scaramella, a documented con man who has a history of making up stories as fact, claims he knows something about the location of the Po-210 spill in the Itsu sushi restaurant. The same restaurant where he and Litvinenko met on […]

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