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Jan 18 2007

Iraq Makes Move Against Shiia Militia

The tide is turning as the new, more aggressive strategy put forth by Bush and his administration starts to take hold. The first to feel the ‘surge’ are the Shiia Militia – one of the major stumbling blocks to a stable Iraq. Iraq has begun by detaining 400 of the 20,000 or so strong Militia […]

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Jan 18 2007

Update On Russian Terror Alert

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The Russians are not taking the latest terrorist threat lightly. As I posted before they are shutting down cell phone service in their subways and deploying a lot of personnel in an effort to detect anything before it can be executed. Russia stepped up security in major cities Wednesday, deploying thousands of extra police and […]

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Jan 18 2007

Litvinenko Update

Not a lot of earth shattering news from the ‘news media’ (which is not a surprise), but Copydude, who graces this blog with his comments time to time, has really put together an excellent overview of how exiled these powerful exiled Russians and their shady connection (e.g., Scaramella) have had all their claims delunked. What […]

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Jan 18 2007

News Media Claim False Victory Over NSA

You got to love how naive or plainly embarrassed the news media must be at the news the FIS Court has given the administration a ‘blank check’ warrant to continue their program of listening in on terrorists communications which have one end here in the US. For a reminder here is the letter from AG […]

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