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Jan 04 2007

Yemen Prince Killed In Iraq Fighting For Al Qaeda

Looks like the Iraqis took out a big target today if this report is accurate: Iraqi National – WNA / Baghdad Office/ Anbar rescue Council announced today, Thursday, the killing of five members of the al-Qaeda network of Anbar governorate west of Iraq. The leader of the Council, Sheikh Hamid Farhan said that the local […]

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Jan 04 2007

Some Plame Predictions

I am looking forward to the Scooter Libby Trial and interesting revelations. The one I think will be the most devastating to Fitzgerald’s case is the revelation Plame outed herself to the news Media in May 2003 – well before any administration people were talking to the press. I have written about this many times […]

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Jan 04 2007

Litvinenko Probably Not Assassinated

check updates at the very end I have been following the Litvinenko story from day one, and on day one I suspected it was not an assassination but the accidental exposure of a nuclear contraband smuggling effort. As we have watched the case and evidence unfold we have discovered more and more evidence that the […]

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Jan 04 2007

Bin Laden Not Talking To Mullah Omar

Mullah Omar, head of the Afghan Taliban until the US ousted them in response to 9-11, claims he has not seen or heard from Bin Laden for years. Is he being honest? Who knows. But it is worth noting that Bin Laden’s greatest ally and protector seems to have not heard from him for some […]

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Jan 04 2007

Jetliner Puzzle – Terrorism?

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In a previous post I pondered the likelihood that a missing Indonesian commercial airliner, with 102 people on board, was the work of Terrorists. Given the fact Indonesia was on high alert for a terrorist attack and the fact the plane went missing while it was cruising at 35,000 feet, I figured weather was not […]

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Jan 04 2007


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The amazing video Drudge has up of something burning up as it enters our atmosphere over Denver is amazing (here and here). One thing I can tell you is it was not small. To burn for that long means it was not small when it first entered our atmosphere. I looked to be the size […]

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Jan 04 2007

More On Litvinenko Polonium Trail

I decided to go back and review all the Health Protection Agency (HPA) notices that have come out since Litvinenko’s death and the realization he was poisoned by Polonium 210 to see what other details may have been hidden in these announcements. I was not dissappointed. In fact I suggest you read to the end, […]

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