Jan 23 2007

Jim Webb Gets Personal

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I am hoping that everyone who watched the presidential address also watched Jim Webb’s speech. I understand why the Democrats chose Webb to give their response, since his win caused their party to take the majority in the Senate, but why didn’t they screen his speech. He started off contradicting himself by stating that opposing and rebutting the president’s statements was non productive, but then proceeded to point out each “flaw.” When it came to the topic of foreign policy he became very personal. He has a personal vendetta on the topic. He brought out a picture of his father and his whole demeanor changed. His facial expressions showed his personal anger and his tone of voice changed to a very sarcastic tone. He smirked when he talked about how the war was recklessly handled and how if the president doesn’t fix things then the democrats will show him what to do.

I hope that everyone noticed this and realizes what type of a person we just sent to represent us in the Senate. We sent a person who is out on a very personal campaign against the president and his foreign policy. Someone who seems to care more about his personal vendetta then about the commonwealth of Virginia and the nation. I could be wrong in all this, but for tonight this what Webb has shown the voters of Virginia. Were we smart? Did we really send the right person to represent and take care of us? Or are we hurting Virginia with Webb as our senator? Only time will tell. But as of right now Webb has a lot proving to do to Virginians.

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  1. wiley says:

    Webb is an angry, sexist buffoon. VA voters should be ashamed. Of course, the crusade of smear & fear against a very decent man — Allen — by the WaPo was a huge success resulting in Webb’s win. I’ll be surprised if Webb doesn’t have several embarrassing blow-ups during his term.

  2. DubyaGirl says:

    You are Right On again, AJ !!

    Wonderful SOTU !!

    Webb is a creep, I shut the TV off !!

  3. Terrye says:

    Webb is an ass and what makes him think his father would have treated the CinC like that? Bush’s father was in WW2 as well you know.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    “Posting comments” seems to own a time delay of its own. Hopefully, it gets fixed.

    Webb, I think, “won” because George Allen couldn’t pull away. And, Hugh Hewitt said it best in 2004. You’ve got to win big enough, so elections don’t get stolen. PERIOD. Close elections allow too much “squeeze room.” And, George Allen was focussed so far ahead, he heard “Hail to the Chief in his ears.

    Webb is as crazy as can be! He was in Reagan’s White House. Reagan never got involved in personnel matters! And, Webb (Secretary of the Navy, I think, for a time) was a known paranoid. Certifiably sick.

    That the donks let him speak? Who cares. Harry Reid wouldn’t have been much better. Perhaps, they wanted a “new face?” But Webb is a lunatic. And, AWFUL.

    It comes to mind that Lincoln had real enemies in his cabinet. None worse than Salmon Chase. (Who thought he’d get the republicans to dump Lincoln in 1864.)

    The amazing thing is that Lincoln always treated him well. And, when provoked, DID NOT RESPOND IN KIND. Turns out when it comes to leadership skills, you want a Lincoln. (Not a Nixon!)

    One reason Reagan steered clear of “personnel matters,” is that all these people are politically connected. You can even know one is an enemy. But as LBJ said, “you want your enemies IN the tent, peeing out. And, not on the outside, peeing in.”

    Webb didn’t pick up mileage, tonight. I’d bet not even in Virginia. Where he had a “marginal” win. Nobody got into congress on a landslide, here! And, I think Bush did fine! He did fine with MAINSTREAM America.

    While the donks? Given how elitest they are; I’m not surprised they’re still hating Bush as much as ever. And, they’re still fighting Bush. Thinking that they get to win the white house on these tactics.

    Well, ya know what? The civil war was started by idiots who thought they’d win by how they handled their aggression. (Lincoln didn’t start the war. All he did was “finish it.”) And, because the Civil War went on for so long. And, was so costly! With a loss of live over 600,000. ALL OUR WARS COMBINED, don’t reach this body count.

    And, still ALL the time did was give people MORE reasons to back Lincoln. Going into it? Emancipation support wasn’t as solid.

    By the way, the pressures in the Mideast are on the despots. Maliki knows he can lose the support of the Iraqis if he doesn’t deliver!

    Plus, have you noticed nasrallah’s timing? Beirut is resembling Gazoo. How does this help solidify an American pullout from Iraq? You think we’d cotten to supporting street thugs?

    There’s isn’t a fight worth fighting that doesn’t have set-backs. And, trying to convince Americans we are in a state of defeat is STUPID. There’s no other words to express what the elites want. And, how they want to get it. WIthout realizing the audience they need for support has “walked.”

    And, if the president suffers defeats, what makes you think the donks never do? President aquitted himself fine, tonight. And, pelosi? Somebody said she blinked like a metronome. It’s TV! And, it’s deadly to do the stuff that gets noticed. She might as well have picked her nose.

    Reagan always knew it was the VISUALS. No matter how you tried to insult him; he looked calm. And, his eyes twinkled. You want to call that Teflon? I call it common sense.

  5. the good doctor says:

    Wiley he is not only sexist he is a porn writer. He looks like a redneck with kkk stamped on his forehead that was thrownout of bar in a druken stupor. McCaine thought his porn book was good. I am not voting for him, another opportunist. The dems are an angry bunch.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    Yes, when Webb’s fiction came to light, I thought he’d lose enough votes to lose to George Allen.

    But there’s a reason Allen only came close. But could not overcome the public’s mood. Let me explain.

    Some politicians don’t stick to the role they want to win. Allen wanted to BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE USA. And, the senate seat from Virginia was “just a stepping stone.”

    Allen did not lose because of MACACA, either.

    Allen lost for the same reason democrats took Grey Davis OUT OF OFFICE, two years after putting him in. First, for background. Schwartzenegger did not put up the $6-million-dollars for the recall effort. (That whole thing looked like a fluke. That could pass muster ONLY BECAUSE California has this written into it’s state fabric. Notice, it wasn’t used on Reagan! It was used ona democrat.)

    GREY DAVIS scared the sh*t out of people because he was gonna run for the presidency of the United States. OTHER DEMOCRATS voted against the man, because the last place they wanted to see Grey Davis show up, was at a democratic convention … this was planned for the Year 2000. And, that’s why Davis LOST HIS JOB. He was fired by the people who saw him as innept. And, they didn’t want him to think he could lead the donk’s. (Given that California had terrible energy problems in the late 1990’s, it’s no surprise that his INCOMPETENCE was quite noticeable.)

    What went unnoticed, however, was the “silent” reasons you can get a lot of people to vote against you.

    Nope. It’s never been discussed, before.

    All you got was Hugh Hewitt’s observation that for the GOP candidates to win; and overcome the bias, if not downright “lost votes to theft” that’s NORMAL for the process; the win has to be BIG ENOUGH TO COUNT.

    So, if you think about it. WEBB, who now represents Virginia, got in by scraping by a man who GOT REJECTED.

    Then, his face shows up on TV. (Notice this: It wasn’t Obama!)

    And, Webb fell on his face. Came off looking personally maladjusted. And, he went after Bush.

    Did he think Bush would swat this fly off his neck? No way. In politics you don’t waste efforts swatting at flies.

    Webb didn’t gain a thing. If anything? Macaca looked better after he spoke last night, than before.

    And, men of ambition?

    Did you know Lincoln resisted showing any signgs of naked ambition?

    For some reason it’s a sure way to lose votes. To look like you’d kill to get them. (Reagan knew this truth, too. Which is why he said he wouldn’t run as an independent in 1976.)

    If you question this? Go right ahead. It’s only my opinion. And, I more than expect others to have their own views. Still if you want to weigh this as an idea? Try it. You might find it interesting to look back on why George Allen, who had the advantages of being the incumbent, lost. (That one seat, shifted the donks into what they want to call “their majority.” But other than what the rules give them for this one-seat advantage, as a nation, we’re at the divide. 50/50.)

  7. the good doctor says:

    Carol, I loved “personally maladjusted” He looked more like a time bomb. This is the last person I will put to represent my party in nationwide tV. Even dirty harry would have doen better.

  8. Jacqui says:

    Take the pledge against the Warner Resolution:
    http://truthlaidbear.com/thenrscpledge/ – read pledge below then go sign.

    If the United States Senate passes a resolution, non-binding or otherwise, that criticizes the commitment of additional troops to Iraq that General Petraeus has asked for and that the president has pledged, and if the Senate does so after the testimony of General Petraeus on January 23 that such a resolution will be an encouragement to the enemy, I will not contribute to any Republican senator who voted for the resolution. Further, if any Republican senator who votes for such a resolution is a candidate for re-election in 2008, I will not contribute to the National Republican Senatorial Committee unless the Chairman of that Committee, Senator Ensign, commits in writing that none of the funds of the NRSC will go to support the re-election of any senator supporting the non-binding resolution.

  9. wiley says:

    Caorl_H – You’re wrong about Allen losing. It was all Macaca.
    Yeah, it obviously caught Allen flat-footed and he & his campaign could never get their stride — they ran a lousy campaign. But, Allen had a lead of almost 10 points and it vanished in days. The WaPo ran non-stop blistering attacks on Allen for 5 -6 weeks. And these were front page headlines, mostly non-stories and pure garbage. BTW – the WaPo is the major news rag for Northern VA, probably over 2M residents. Because of this, Allen was always on the defensive while Webb got free ride from the press. No one knew anything about Webb other than he thought Iraq was mistake, he was a marine and in Reagan admin, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

  10. Carol_Herman says:

    Nope. Not wrong on why Allen really lost. Because I saw it here, in California. When democrats had no trouble at all kicking Grey Davis out of office. Davis was intent on using his governor’s chair to race to the White House.

    So I KNOW there are citizens who rebel when they vote. New Yorkers didn’t. But then Guiliani wasn’t running. Given that Guiliani understands New York’s horrid GOP party machinery; I’m not surprised.

    But I do see that Hillary’s “announcement” hasn’t really gone further than her couch. How come, if she’s such a front runner, she wasn’t chosen to give the SOTU her party’s rebuttal?

    And, how come not Obama?

    It’s possible the democrats are not aware that Webb is a nut. But he came off nutty when he questioned Condi last week. (And, that was his first time up at bat.)

    Again, the elites live by their own rules. It’s rules that have put them in history’s crapper before. (Or you never heard of how the guillotine chopped off some french heads. And, how Cromwell tried to oust the royals in England.) As to where the royals are now, I’d point and say they were not WITH THE TIDES. But swam against them.

    And, you’re more than welcome to your own ideas.

    Macaca never made me do much but smile. On the other hand, when I heard the passage from Webb’s fiction, even circumcision didn’t come to mind. (And, in the old days that’s how it was done. By leaning down and biting off the tidbit of skin. Even today, when done by a rabbi, he fills his mouth with wine “and shares it.”) Just to give you an idea I was still pretty sure that Webb’s fiction wouldn’t “pass the test.”

    But it did.

    And, the other thing I have noticed. Since Lincoln, and Reagan, both never looked overtly ambitious; this thing with raw ambition, is not the best way to behave when you do, in fact, want to become president.

    So, in my book that was George Allen’s flaw.

    The other? He couldn’t get out of the 50/50 range. And, Hugh Hewitt has given the GOP wise advice. To win you need to attract MOST of the voters. These races that are in the gutter, see a loss in turnout. And, get manipulated by dishonest politicians.

    As to the dishonest types, LBJ used to brag about the stuffed ballot boxes he had “just in case.” Got his ass kicked out of office just the same.

    And, Nixon’s major flaw was his propensity to use the Oval Office, to gain satisfaction against “enemies.” So, his own behaviors led to his downfall.

    This President, I’d point out REMAINS GRACIOUS. (That was Lincoln’s gift. He wouldn’t even take a man’s reesignation, because it wasn’t like him to react in bitterness. He always waited. And, the best opportunities evenutally came.)

    Free rides with the press, by the way, are for losers.

  11. AJStrata says:


    Take it from a native VA – it was not Macaca or his Presidential bid (all VA Governors and Senators are expected, and preferred, to make a run for the Presidency in our fine state). It was the fact the state has been turning Democrat (two Dem governors now) as people move to Northern Va. But it was really the fact the Reps in our state house squandered their leadership and gave us years of deadlock. And the immigration problem is very hot here, and the reps represented too much retribution. The Iraq war did not help.

    Allen almost won. If the far right had not stayed home in protest that they were not getting all they wanted he might have won. But he is also a mediocre candidate. He was a great Governor, fair Senator. And I would have preferred someone else for President in 08.

  12. wiley says:

    C_H ,
    You’re wrong on Allen and your attempts to compare Grey Davis don’t work. Davis was a wreck of a governor; Allen was a good Senator.
    AJ’s right that VA is becoming more blue, especially in NoVA where we both live, but if not for Macaca Allen would have won easily. Of course Iraq & other issues were at play, but b/c of Macaca Webb got free ride while Allen was attcked nonstop right up until election.